Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 4

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Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 4
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Dirk Wright
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

It was a code red alert, so I didn't even put on my shoes before racing to the launch bay and catapulting into space in the Rapier. A Kilrathi strike fleet was headed for the carrier. The Concordia's defense was our first objective.

I think the Kilrathi must have sent a couple of brain-dead pilots to lead the wing of four Grikath against the Concordia. I turned to face the incoming fighters, and the first two just came straight ahead, seemingly without fear of our guns or missiles. It was a big mistake, and their last one.

I never turned, rolled or looped. The first Grikath was right in the middle of my crosshairs, about 2500 meters away. I launched my first dumb-fire missile, and caught him right on the nose. Then I switched to full guns, still never making a defensive maneuver and hit him with three straight shots head on. He was history. The Grikath right behind the first, never learned a thing. He kept coming straight on and I duplicated the destruction of the first enemy fighter.

Stingray and I had to do some dogfighting to obliterate the second two Grikath. I signaled a break and attack, and we just proceeded to out fly the other pilots. It was easy in a Rapier. We didn't have their fire-power, but we held a distinct edge in acceleration and agility. It almost looked like the Grikath were standing still as we made pass after pass with our particle cannons blazing. We had enough sense to steer clear of the Grikath's rear-turret neutron guns.

We escorted the William Tell to-ward the Ralatha. At 15,000 kilometers from the destroyer, four Jalkehi tried to intercept us. After taunting, I took down one with a Javelin and full guns, and the second with a Pilum and full guns. Stingray had destroyed two fighters on his own, leaving the William Tell free to blast the Ralatha destroyer out of the sky with a stream of torpedoes.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing