Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 3

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Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 3
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Dirk Wright
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Paladin was ready to leave Tesla System, but with all the Kilrathi in the area he had requested an escort to his jump point. Colonel Devereaux honored his request, assigning Stingray and me to the mission. After the jump, she told us to check out some bogeys before returning to the Concordia.

Four Drakhri went after the Bonnie Heather with guns blazing when we were 15,413 kilometers from our first nav point. I ordered a break and attack, then targeted and taunted each enemy fighter in turn. Paladin was doing his best with the Free Trader's flak cannon, but it wasn't much defense against the Drakhri's lasers. The medium fighters can't withstand many shots from our particle cannons, and that's what we stuck with to smash through their shields and armor. We didn't know what we might meet later, and didn't want to waste any missiles. It was an excellent move.

As soon as Paladin jumped, we received a communication that a Fralthra and fighter escort were moving toward the carrier. Ship: Rapier We couldn't take out the capital ship without torpedoes, but we could take out its major defenses by hitting its escort wing of five Jalkehi.

Khasra let us know he was around, so I told Stingray to attack my target and stayed on the Kilrathi ace. It was sliding time as far as I was concerned, so I kept hitting the after-burners, turning hard to the left and right, and firing quick barrages from the full guns. He was so quick that the tactic wasn't very successful. Stingray was hit hard a few times and had to eject, but while Khasra fired at him, I came in from the side and launched my last dumb-fire. As soon as it exploded, I added a couple of volleys from my full guns, and Khasra was done for. I thought I'd pushed my luck about as far as it would go, so I just kept the afterburner switch buried and ran away from the rest of the Jalkehi.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing