Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 2

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Tesla System - Series 6 - Mission 2
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Dirk Wright
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

It was an emergency launch, and we didn't receive our orders until we were already in space. The communications operator told us to make speed and destroy two Kilrathi troop transports that had strayed from their escorts.

We used a standard tactic against the four Sartha that at-tacked 55,079 kilometers before the transports. At long range, we ripped them with our laser cannons. In close, we switched to the particle cannons or full guns. Since they didn't have any rear guns, we always tried to get a rear position, score with a couple gun shots, and then launch a javelin up their engine tubes for the kill. The missiles took down two of the fighters and our guns destroyed the others. All were destroyed from the rear.

We were feeling pretty cocky, thinking that we'd taken care of the original escort wing for the transports. We were wrong.

If the transports had strayed from any fighters, it was the four Jalkehi that were just 14,760 kilometers away. Our tactics were pretty similar to those we'd used against the heavy fighters in the previous mission. Stay away from their rear, make them break their initial attack with a Pilum launch, use your speed and maneuverability, and keep the fight at close range with full guns.

When we found the Dorkathi transports, I knew they could with-stand a lot of our gunfire. I wanted to concentrate our efforts, and ordered Stingray to attack my target. I ran straight in, launched a Dart, then circled back quickly. I went after the same targeting point, and launched my last dumb-fire before continuing with a traditional circling attack with full guns. We went after, and destroyed, the targets one by one. It gave us the opportunity to continue hitting the target with no lull that would have allowed them to regenerate shields.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing