Teehyn Rhee

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The Teehyn Rhee, or "Flock Leader of Flock Leaders", is the leader of the Firekkan race and the recognized head of state of the planet Firekka.

The Teehyn Rhee in 2655 was Kree'Kai, who was killed during the Kilrathi occupation of the planet during the Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony; she had attempted to rescue her daughter Rikik, who was among the prisoners being taken offworld by the Kilrathi. When the Kilrathi abandoned the planet after the Terran Confederation successfully disrupted the ceremony, Rikik eventually ascended to become Teehyn Rhee of Firekka. As of 2668, Rikik was still the Teehyn Rhee, and withdrew Firekka from the Confederation following the False Armistice with the Kilrathi.