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Rikik is the daughter of Kree'Kai, and niece of K'Kai. She was expected to follow in her mother's footsteps as Teehyn Ree. In late 2655, she was taken as a hostage when the Kilrathi left Firekka. Her mother, Kree'Kai, was killed. A few months later, Rikik and the other Firekkans were freed from a Kilrathi space station by K'Kai, Kirha, Ian St. John, James Taggart and Gwen Larson.

By 2668, Rikik was the flock leader of her world, and the Firekkan representative to a meeting to discuss the Kilrathi's proposed armistice. She called Baron Jukaga a liar, and declared that if the humans were foolish enough to listen to his words, they were doomed.

Rikik withdrew Firekka from the Confederation, and stated that the frontier worlds would not abide by the armistice. She pointed out that neither the Landreich or the Grovsner colonies were present, and clearly wanted no part of the treaty.