Ted Rollins

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Ted Rollins
Callsign Radio Rollins
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Years of service 2669-
Rank Lieutenant
Unit TCS Victory
Battles/wars Battle of Ariel, Battle of Loki, Battle of Freya

Ted Rollins, better known as Radio Rollins was an officer of the Terran Confederation who served in the Terran-Kilrathi War.


Ted Rollins enlisted in the Terran Confederation Navy in the 2660s. By 2669, he graduated from the Academy and was activated as a communications officer with the rank of Lieutenant. By that year, he was assigned to the TCS Victory under Captain William Eisen. During that same year, Rollins was present at the instalment of Colonel Christopher Blair as the Wing Commander of the Victory.

Rollins was famous for his need for gossip, and was always ready with news of the war and the collaboration between higher-ranking officers. In this regard, he often had access to information that was usually classified. He was always sharing what he knew with the crew of the Victory, an activity that earned him the callsign "Radio Rollins".

Underneath his outgoing demeanor, Rollins was also extremely pessimistic in his view of the progress of the war, predicting that it would ultimately end in humanity's defeat. He made no secret of his pessimism or paranoia to the crew, which put him at odds with Colonel Blair, who tried to preserve morale on the vessel.

Rollins accompanied the Victory on some of its most important missions in its long career, such as Operation Unseen Death, the 2669 offensive in Ariel, and the flight of the TCS Behemoth, personally overseen by Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn. During its test flight, Rollins kept track of the communications of Tolwyn and his contacts, suspecting that the Admiral knew a lot more about the war than he shared with the rest of the crew, an allegation he forwarded to Colonel Blair. He later bore witness to the Behemoth's awesome power when it destroyed Loki VI, and awaited the destruction of Kilrah itself.

When the Behemoth was destroyed in an overwhelming precision bomber attack, Rollins witnessed Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka challenge Blair to a duel and subsequent transmission of Colonel Jeannette Devereaux's execution. Rollins managed to convince the Blair to return to the Victory just as the ship was preparing to jump. Suspecting espionage as being behind the attack on the Behemoth, Rollins assisted Lieutenant Laurel Buckley in her investigations of Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, the sole Kilrathi officer on the vessel. Rollins alerted Blair to Ralgha's eventual escape from the Victory who launched in pursuit of the traitor, but not before the latter had murdered Lieutenant Buckley in his escape.

Rollins remained present through the Confederation offensive against Freya and its test of the Y22A-1 Temblor Bomb on Hyperion. He watched as Colonel Blair and his wing departed to deliver the Temblor Bomb to Kilrah, an attack that would ultimately end the Terran-Kilrathi War.