Tayla - Mission D (Wing Commander Privateer)

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This article is about the Wing Commander Privateer mission. For the Privateer Righteous Fire mission, see Tayla - Mission D.

Tayla - Mission D
MM - PRIV - Tayla C.png
Date 2669
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 3 (Pentonville, 119CE, XXN-1927, New Constantinople)
Payment 10,000 credits

Secret compartment

Objectives Go to New Constantinople, Nav 5

Deliver cargo to New Constantinople

Cargo Mission Cargo (25)

Alien Artifact (1)

Designation S1MD
Previous Tayla - Mission C
Next Roman Lynch - Mission A
Saved Game S1MD.SAV

Tayla - Mission D is a mission in Wing Commander Privateer. It may be accessed by talking to Tayla at the bar on Oakham in the Pentonville system after completing Tayla - Mission C.

Mission Description

Take a second shipment of Brilliance to base New Constantinople.

Pays 10000 credits.

Return to Oakham pirate base for payment and more information about the artifact.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Pentonville System
Nav 1 1 Bounty Hunter Centurion Riordian
3 Pirate Talon fanatical pros
Nav 2 1 Bounty Hunter Centurion Riordian if Riordian escapes Nav 1
5 Pirate Talon fanatical pros if Riordian escapes Nav 1
3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Hidden 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Tayla

$CS, you look like hell.
Now I know what happens to charm school dropouts. Where's my money?  
Keep your shorts dry, will you? Here, take it.
I can't understand why a woman as attractive as you...
...has to pay for the company of men in bars.
I see it as an investment...with a penalty for early withdrawal.
Well, since you're so quick with the answers, here's another question.
If you know the artifact's value, why don't you want it for yourself?  
You'll have to kill a lot of people to hang onto it. And I'm no murderer.
Anyway, I'll tell you all I know about that thing after you finish this last job.
Let me guess...I'm running a shipment of catnip to Kilrah.  
Nope, I save the really lucrative jobs for myself.
Actually you're running more Brilliance to New Constantinople. It pays 10,000 credits.
To hell with that! Those Confeds were all over me!  
Well, I've got an idea which will help prevent that this time out.
But I'm sick of holding your hand while you whine. You want the job or not?
Accept Refuse
Okay, what's this great idea of yours?  
I've gone over the schematics of your ship.
I've located a space where we can install a secret compartment.
It'll be completely undetectable and make smuggling much easier.
I'll believe it when I see it.
$CS, just make the damn run. I promise you won't have any problems.
Famous last words.  
Just handle your end, and report back here for your pay.
You never have to worry about THAT, Tayla.
Sorry, Tayla. I got a feeling my luck is running thin. I'm out.  
Are you kidding? You've almost completed your part of the deal!
You back out now, and we're BOTH screwed!


Talk to Tayla

I can't believe you haven't made the drop yet.
You think I had that secret compartment installed in your ship just for kicks?
Get on the ball, will you? I've had enough of your waffling!
Easy, Tayla. I'll run your drugs to New Constantinople pretty soon...
I just hope that compartment is all it's cracked up to be.  
Just make the run and come back here for your 10,000. Is that so tough?
Believe me, with all the patrols in that sector...
...it's not the docking so much as the DUCKING...  


Talk to Tayla

Tell me a little bit more about this mission you're offering.  
We'd install a secret compartment in your vessel and pay you 10,000 credits...
...if you'll run some Brilliance from here to New Constantinople.
You know the routine by now, right?
Yeah. Dock, leave the ship, meet you back here and try not to get vaporized.
What could be easier?  
Exactly. So...is it a deal?
Accept Refuse
Great! I'll have your ship modified and loaded right away.
Good luck!
No deal, Tayla. I'm out.

In Flight

Talk to Riordian

# Proceeding on course.
# Steer clear.
# Getting a little close, aren't you?
# Good day for it, eh buddy?
Where the hell do you think you're going?
# About my business. And you?
You don't recognize me, do you? Hold on, Mister. I think it's high time we were introduced... ...don't you?
# No. I'm picky about my friends.
# I suppose.
Come on, you steal a man's business... ...you ought to at least know his name.
# If you care that much, go ahead.
# Who gives a damn?
My name is William Riordian.
# Big deal. Never heard of you.
# Okay. May I be of service?
You take over my route, fly for Tayla... ...and then have the gall to insult me? There's not enough work for two privateers. I'll teach you to steal my business!
# I'm pretty good at that already...
# No need to get hostile, friend...
You're a dead man.


Talk to Tayla

Here's your final payment, $NM, 10,000 credits.
Thanks, Tayla. That secret compartment made it easy.  
Glad to hear it. This is our final meeting, Captain.
Hold on a minute. You still owe me info on that artifact.  
The person you need to talk to is Roman Lynch.
You mean the mob boss on New Constantinople?  
He may be a thug, but he's also an expert on exotic and valuable items.
I set up a meeting with Lynch, $CS.
He's expecting you in the bar on New Constantinople.
I really don't know any more about that thing than I've already told you...
But play your cards right with Lynch, you'll be a rich man.


Talk to Tayla

Okay, sweetheart. What's my next assignment?
Uh uh. You're a bad pony. I can't afford to bet on you anymore.
You screwed up the last mission, $CS. I'm cutting my losses.
You'll have to take your chances with Insys. I'm out of here.
But I need information on that artifact, Tayla!
You should've thought of that before you choked up. Later.

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Summary This is yet another shipment of Brilliance to New Constantinople. This time, however, Tayla provides your ship with a secret compartment which will prevent your contraband from being detected. She finally promises to give you some information of substance about the artifact after this last mission. When you return, you learn that she has almost no information, but has arranged for you to meet with a mobster named Roman Lynch in the bar on New Constantinople. He is a collector of artifacts and a highly resourceful individual.
Payment 10,000 credits and the installation of a secret compartment.
Requirements Land at New Constantinople and return to Oakham.
Opponents As you leave Oakham, you are accosted by William Riordian (confident ace in a Centurion), a rival for work from Tayla. When he finishes his conversation (assuming you let him survive that long), three other pirates in the vicininty decide to join him in attacking you (fanatical pros in Talons). If you go to Nav 2 without eliminating Riordian, he will meet you there with five hostile pirates (again, fanatical pros in Talons). All other pirates you meet during this mission are friendly.
  • OK! Now you've gotten the secret compartment and you're all ready to go. Take your time. When you get to New Constantinople and drop off your contraband, go ahead and pick up some furs, wood or generic foods, and you can make a nice profit when you return to Oakham. - "Deetchman"

Secret Compartment (20 cargo units). The secret compartment is yours to keep. It will automatically be moved to your new ship should you buy another one after this point in the plot. It will allow you to keep up to 20 cargo units of contraband above and beyond what your cargo hold can carry. If you purchase 30 units of Brilliance, the first 20 are placed in your secret compartment and the other 10 overflow into your regular cargo bay. The oppo-site is not true. If you were to try to buy 60 units of grain for the Orion with no cargo expan-sion, it would fill the hold at 50 units and then report "no room on ship," as it won't over-flow into the secret compartment. Goods in the secret compartment will not be expelled into space if you try to jettison all cargo.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Tayla informs you of the artifact's history... and how each of its previous owners died... or were killed. But to find out more, you need to run more Brilliance. This time straight into the heart of Confed space: New Constantinople.


Carry cargo of Brilliance to New Constantinople, land, then return to Oakham.

Scripted Encounters

Riordian upon launching from Pentonville


  • Watch out for Riordian. He is flying a Centurion, and he also has friends. The odds are not in your favor.
  • So after all that, Tayla isn't much help, you've become a criminal, and now you need to talk to the Mob Boss of Gemini Sector. So head back to New Constantinople and talk to Roman Lynch.

User Comments

Submitted by : Q ()

Mission : Tayla

Comments : on all of tayla's missions just afterburn past the patrols with a centurion, if you don't own a centurion i suggest that you take a break from the plot missions and earn enough to buy one.

Submitted by : rob ()

Mission : orion

Comments : you can easily afterburn past the patrols (or almost any enemy) with an orion too.

Submitted by : jt (mrmsje@yahoo.com)

Date : Sun Jan 20 02:05:09 2013

Mission : Tayla

Comments : Got to 3rd base with Tayla. She's not nearly as sarcastic after she sees your ship and 'equipment.' Oh, that may be info she wouldn't like me tossing around. Forget I mentioned it.

Submitted by : Helge Helgesen (olainormann@hotmail.com)

Mission : Tayla 4

Comments : Riordian isn't flying a Centurian. He is flying a Centurion.