TCS Kagimasha

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TCS Kagimasha
Type Venture-class Corvette
Primary User Terran Confederation
Service Terran-Kilrathi War

The TCS Kagimasha was a Venture-class corvette in service of the Terran Confederation. It took part in the First Battle of Kilrah.


The Kagimasha was commanded by Captain Teng. In 2668, the Confederation decided to attempt the first raid against the Kilrathi home world of Kilrah. This raid was led by the TCS Tarawa, with the TCS Intrepid and the TCS Kagimasha serving as escorts.

Raid on Kilrah

The Kagimasha, as part of Strike Force Valkyrie, jumped into the Kilrah system and immediately targeted the Kilrathi facilities on Kilrah's second moon, Largkza. Despite repeated efforts by the Kilrathi to destroy the Confederation vessels by through kamikaze attacks, the fleet held their ground. The Tarawa was successful in devastating the Kilrathi production center on Largkza, but suffered enormous losses and damage as a result. Kagimasha and Intrepid defended the Tarawa as she fled to the gas giant, Igrathi, to find shelter from the Kilrathi assault.


Strike Force Valkyrie was finally forced to retreat after an attempt to launch a nuclear strike on Kilrah failed. The TCS Kagimasha was completely destroyed when a Sartha rammed it in a suicide attack. All hands, including Captain Teng, were killed. However, the Tarawa and Intrepid were able to flee to the Baragh system.