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E'loy is a planet in the T'lan Meth System and a colony of the former Kilrathi Empire.

E'loy is one of an unknown number of planets in T'lan Meth. It was a major colony in the system and hosted at least one Terran starbase after the destruction of Kilrah in 2669.

E'loy was a target of the Nephilim during their initial invasion of the galaxy in 2681. The planet was blockaded by a Nephilim fleet and its communications jammed, rendering it unable to call for reinforcements. The starbase was also captured. Fortunately for the Kilrathi, the TCS Midway arrived and agreed to assist in the planet's defense. This action called for the Terran pilots to work alongside Kilrathi pilots, including the bloodthirsty Cult of Sivar. This decision angered those who stilled viewed the Kilrathi as an enemy.

The Terrans were eventually successful in breaking the siege on E'loy, and the starbase liberated. The Kilrathi were grateful to the Terrans for their assistance.