Robin Peters

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Robin Peters
Callsign Flint
Place of birth Locanda IV, Locanda System
Place of death Kilrah, Orbit, Kilrah System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars Operation Unseen Death, Battle of Ariel, Battle of Loki, Battle of Freya, Lancelot Flight
Relations David Peters (Deceased)

Robin Peters was a pilot from the Terran Confederation. She served during the Terran-Kilrathi War.


Robin Peters was born on Locanda IV of the Locanda System during the Kilrathi War. She was the latest generation in a long line of fighter pilots, with her father and grandfather both having been combat pilots as well. Her father grew up on Earth, but resettled to Locanda, and raised his son David and daughter Robin there. The two siblings were both taught how to fly by their father, who eventually retired to "fly a desk". David eventually enlisted and became a combat pilot but was killed in action against the Kilrathi in 2652, when Robin was only fifteen years old. Robin eventually became an experienced pilot and dedicated her service to her brother's memory.

In 2669, during Operation: Unseen Death, Peters hijacked a F/A-76 Longbow to avenge her brother by attacking a Kilrathi Bhantkara-class carrier. Colonel Christopher Blair decided to follow her and to return her to the TCS Victory. Since he needed every available pilot, he chose not to ground her for disobeying orders.

After it had become clear that Blair's girlfriend, Jeannette Devereaux, had been executed by Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka on Kilrah, Peters and the chief technician of the Victory, Rachel Coriolis, both sought a romantic relationship with the colonel, however, Blair ultimately chose Coriolis over Peters.

Peters was one of Blair's wingmen during the bombing run on Kilrah. She was killed in action but her sacrifice was not in vain: Blair managed to destroy Kilrah by using the Y22A-1 Temblor Bomb.

Behind the scenes

  • Robin "Flint" Peters was portrayed by Jennifer MacDonald.
  • In all versions of Wing Commander 3, the player can let Blair choose Peters instead of Coriolis and she is able to survive the war.
  • Blair has the option to ground Peters after she disobeys orders in Locanda.
  • If Blair decides to drink more alcohol instead of talking to Coriolis after witnessing Devereaux's death, and consequently flies the next mission while drunk, Peters tells him what he said to her in Locanda: "Fly with your head, not with your heart". At this point, he can decide to listen to her or to tell her to leave him alone.