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The details of Flint's life differ between the novel and the game. For instance, she does die in the novel and her father is already dead. In the game, she can live and her father is retired. What is the more appropriate source to rely on? The games came first, so I am forced to assume they are the true canon, but I will not argue against it if the novels are the preferred source.

Can someone clarify what source to use before I complete this developing article? -Aeronautico

The tricky thing with WC is that there are no 'levels' of 'canon' - unlike the Star Wars universe, all sources are treated equally within the WC community. I am not overly familiar with the novel, so we will need help resolving differences such as these. - Wedge

Further to my previous remark, where there are choices in the game, the novel describes the 'canonical' events. Hence, Flint dies in Kilrah and her article's introduction is appropriately written in past tense. Other things, like whether or not her father is alive, will need to be resolved by other means, somehow. - Wedge