Jukaga nar Ki'ra

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Jukaga nar Ki'ra
Place of death Earth orbit, Sol System
Allegiance Kilrathi Empire
Years of service 2634-2668
Rank Baron

Baron Jukaga nar Ki'ra was a Kilrathi nobleman from the prestigious Ki'ra clan.


Baron Jukaga was a prominent Kilrathi politician and a firm opponent of the Terran Confederation. He was also the head of Kilrathi Intelligence in the last years of the war until his death. He possessed an extensive knowledge on Terran behavior, customs, and battle strategies through spies and study of Confederation history, making him a valuable asset to the Kilrathi war effort.

Jukaga's prestige suffered after the colossal Kilrathi defeat at the Battle of Vukar Tag in 2668. This battle cost the Kilrathi an enormous amount of troops and supplies, and Jukaga, being the supreme commander during this attack, was blamed for the disaster and swiftly exiled. However, in the wake of the Kilrathi Empire's string of defeats throughout 2668, Jukaga was welcomed back to the Emperor's inner circle.

(To be continued)