Kirha hrai Hunter nar Aussie

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Kirha hrai Hunter nar Aussie
- 2669
Place of birth Hhallas
Place of death Australia, Earth
Allegiance Empire of Kilrah
Ian St. John, who is also known as Hunter

Kirha hrai Hunter nar Aussie was a Kilrathi naval officer who swore fealty to Ian St. John during the defection of the Ras Nik'hra in 2655. His name was originally Kirha hrai Ralgha nar Hhallas, as he was the servant of Lord Ralgha nar Hhallas, Captain of the Ras Nik'hra.


During the defection, as a gesture of good faith, Kirha was told to swear fealty to Ian St. John, as Hunter had saved the Ras Nik'hra from certain destruction. Kirha's name change was the result of this change in liege lords. Kirha now served Hunter instead of Lord Ralgha.

Firekkan Rescue Operation

Kirha went on to serve Ian St. John in the rescue attempt of several kidnapped Firekkans taken by the Kilrathi. James Taggart, Gwen Larson, Ian St. John, K'Kai and Kirha mounted the rescue attempt and were successful in freeing the captured Firekkans. Kirha developed a friendship with K'Kai despite their initial differences the two creatures found they had many things in common. Following the rescue operation, Kirha was sent to a Confederation POW camp. K'Kai visited him during his time there.

False Armistice

Kirha did not see Hunter until thirteen years later when the false armistice was signed in 2668. Kirha is released from the POW camp and immediately set out to find Hunter. He located him at the Vacuum Breathers bar on Luna. At first causing a stir by his presence, many former Confed service members eventually warm to the Kilrathi after learning it was he who accompanied Hunter on his mission to save the Firekkans.

Never one to mince words, Kirha called the armistice, "It is, how do you humans say it, warmed leavings of a male cow." Kirha engaged in a debate along with several other humans against Professor Torg about the armistice. After which, Kevin Tolwyn arrived and arranges the first moves in the Free Corps mission. Kirha is given a flight to Hunter's home in Australia where he will stay while Hunter goes out to the Landreich. The London spaceport is the last time Kirha ever saw Hunter. It was obvious that despite years apart, there had grown an affection between the two.


Kirha commited ritual suicide after the Battle of Earth in 2669 upon learning of Hunter's death during the Free Corps mission. Jason Bondarevsky was unable to arrive in time to deliver the news himself to the Kilrathi.