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Pleasure planets (sometimes known as "resort worlds") are known for being hotbeds (no pun intended) of hedonistic games, a tromp l’oeil of culture. They generally come into existence as the result of high demand, a sudden population explosion and a few lucky prospectors coming into too much wealth too soon in their lives. Despite the views of many religious and social groups (who tend to renounce the activities that go on these worlds with a passion that sometime results in violence), they are important pressure valves for both civilian and military personnel alike (particularly during the Terran-Kilrathi War, where a visit to a pleasure world kept more than one service member from going off the deep end). Pleasure planets are hotbeds of consumerism. The population is interested in buying drugs, art, furs, games and anything fun or exciting. The don't as a rule offer any of their own trade goods in return (except for movies). During the late 2660s, Gemini Sector played home to eight such worlds.

During the Nephilim War, the populaces of these worlds tended to be easy targets for the bugs, and suffered greatly under their various plagues. Many post-war pleasure planets remain uninhabited and quarantined due to the ongoing risk of biological contamination.

Known Pleasure Planets in Gemini

Known Pleasure Planets in Other Sectors