Mission O: Code Breaker

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Mission O: Code Breaker
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission N: Galactic Gourmet
Next Mission P: Rhinehart Run

Official Guide

Who and Where

Head for Hermes. Ask Joe what he knows. Joe will senda man named Dimitri Avignoni over to talk to you.

Conversation Choices

Dimitri. Thirty thousand problems ... Take it or leave it.

If ... Then ...

You have 30,000 credits ...

The money is automatically deducted from your account and Dimitri cracks the code.

You don't have 30,000 credits ...

You have to get 30k, come back to Sinner's and click on Dimitri to continue the plot.

Key Information

Dimitri hands you the memory solid that was inside the capsule. As soon as he leaves, your PAD pops up (automatically):

Next Step

Looks like a dead end, but you will now sart getting e-mail from Rhinehart, one of the people mentioned in the data analysis.


I need to get this capsule cracked. Joe at Sinners probably knows someone.


Not much to go on. Who the hell are these Rhinehart and Malakai characters?


Better get some cash if I'm going to get this thing open.

PAD Message

Data Analysis: Codes and Coded Information
Provenance: Unknown
Purpose: Uncertain
Possible purpose: Keying Access to Financial or Private Business Files and Accounts
Outer shell access codes contain references to all the planets in the Tri-System. The words Malakai and Rhinehart occur over 100 times each in the data stream. These are probably likely to be names or codes of some sort. Also the names Larn Regis and Vell Ricaud occur over 150 times, as well as the name Ricaud Interplanetary.
Unable to give further information until actual purpose of Memory solid is known.


Not much to go on. Malakai is dead, Who the hell is Rhinehart? And what has all this got to do with Ricaud Interplanetary....