Mission K: Blessed Aquawine

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Mission K: Blessed Aquawine
Date 2790
Type Research
Previous Mission J: Who is Hassan?
Next Mission L: Meet Hugo

Official Guide

Who and Where

In a customs area, click on the booth. Choose the COMPANIES database. Look up Blessed Aquawine.

Key Information

Notice that Hugo Carmichael is mentioned in the Blessed Aquawine record. Check him out in the PEOPLE database. This puts his address into your PAD.

(An entry for the Kindred is also available now under COMPANIES - check this out if you'd like more info.)

Next Step

Visit Hugo Carmichael on Bex.

As a heads-up, this is a good place to earn a little extra money. You're going to need 30,000 credits to get through Mission O: Code Breaker. There are several possible stos between Hades and Bex - you might want tolook around forafew trading or mercenary opportunities along the way to sweeten your credit rating.


Better go meet David Hassan on Hades.


Better check this guy out.