Mission J: Who is Hassan?

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Mission J: Who is Hassan?
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission I: Rescue Hassan
Next Mission K: Blessed Aquawine

Official Guide

Who and Where

Land on Hades. Transit to the CIS office and click on David Hassan.

Key Information

This is a pivotal point in the plot, for Hassan tells you about the leading organized crime ring in the Tri-System - the Kindred. The Kindred and its leader, Kronos, are central to the main plot from this point on.

Hassan doesn't provide any clues as to the mystery of who you are - he doesn't seem to know really, even though he knows a great deal about you. He points out, however, that since the Kindred seem iinordinately interested in you, helping him to track down Kronos may help you figure out who you are. (Notice that every time he mentions Kronos, your character seems strangely affected - as if there were something about that word that he just can't quite remember ...)

Hassan tells that you the first step towards finding Kronnos is to apprehend a man named Malakai, one of the top men in the organization. You accept the mission. Hassan has a Blindfire auto-tracking system and a RTS system installed on your ship (see Software Upgrades), and points you toward the Blessed Aquawine company (located on Bex) and a man named Hugo Carmichael.

Next Step

Head for Public Recods and look up Blessed Aquawine and Hugo Carmichael.


Better go meet David Hassan on Hades.


Better check this guy out.