Mission G: Jan Mitorr

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Mission G: Jan Mitorr
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission F: Shernikov
Next Mission H: Kappa Labs

Official Guide

Who and Where

Jan Mitorr is on Janus IV. Use the transit to go to his house - this wil automatically trigger a cinematic.

Conversation Choices


Key Information

Ser Mitorr takes one look at you and acts like he's seen the living dead. It's obvious that he knows who you are, but he's uncooperative, to say the least. You finally decide to get tough with him, which unfortunately causes him to have a heart attack. With his last gasp, he tells you to go visit Kappa Labs in the Scatter Belt.

Next Step

Go to Kappa Labs.

(You may have found this place already and discovered that you couldn't land there. You'll be able to land there now.)

As a heads-up, take a break before or immediately after this mission and make some mone (if you're not loaded already, that is).

As soon as you complete the next mission (Mission H: Kappa Labs), the main plot starts to get tougher. First, you'll need 30,000 credits before too long. Second, the remaining plot missions involve some of the toughest combat in the game You need enough money for several Nuke 'ems and soe decent guns to make it through.

Finally, the game gets harder in general after you visit Kappa. It will be easier to make money before you go there.


Pay a visit to Jan Mitorr on Janus IV.