Mission F: Shernikov

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Mission F: Shernikov
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission E: Finding the Pod
Next Mission G: Jan Mitorr

Official Guide

Who and Where

When you get to Shernikov click on the receptionist.

Conversation Choices

1. Receptionist. I really can't give out that information.

Choice Consequence

I'm going to have to lean on this babe.

She slaps you into a restraint field. Go to 2.

No point in pushing her.

She eventually takes pity on you.

2. Receptionist. Some of these people have come on a lot heavier than you have...

Choice Consequence

Time to turn on the charm.

She eventually takes pity on you.

Time to grovel.

She eventually takes pity on you.

Key Information

No matter what you do, the receptionist eventually helps you. She looks up the serial number of the Cryo Pod in here database. When she finds the record, she transfers the name and address of the person who commissioned the Cryo Pod - Jan Mitorr on Janus IV - to your PAD's transit map.

Next Step

Visit Jan Mitorr.


Pay a visit to Shernikov Medical Equipment on Crius.