Mission H: Kappa Labs

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Mission H: Kappa Labs
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission G: Jan Mitorr
Next Mission I: Rescue Hassan

Official Guide

Who and Where

Kappa Labs is a space station. Look for it in the very bottom left corner of your un-rotated nav map, or the bottom right corner of the schematic map. If you tried to go there before this, you weren't able to land. Now you can land by pointing your ship at the station and flying straight toward it. This won't trigger the normal "You're getting too close" comm message - instead you go straight into a landing flick that epxlains why this place doesn't have a communications officer ...

Conversation Choices

There are no choices in this cinematic.

Key Information

In this sequence, you explore the lab and basically find the place ransacked. Corpses are everywhere, and there was some kind of fire fight. It looks like someone took one of the Cryo Pods (and was rather determined to do so), but this is about all you can discover.

Next Step

All you can do now is leave. Taking off triggers the next mission.


Kappa Labs is on the edge of the Tri-system; go check it out.