Mission C: Hal Taffin

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Mission C: Hal Taffin
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission B: The Canera Files
Next Mission D: Angus Santana

Official Guide

Who and Where

Hal Taffin is the salvage contractor who ended up with the Canera. He's at Taffin Recclamation on Crius.

Conversation Choices

1. Hal Taffin. Now if you'll excue me, I have a wayward chip to discombobulate. Good day.

Choice Consequence

Maybe a bribe would get some info.

If you have 10,000 credits, you get the info now and lose the 10k. Otherwise, you'll have to come ack when you have 10,000 credits.

I'll just pull a little muscle on him.

He pulls a gun on you. Go to 2.

If you want to save yourself a good deal of cash, walk the path of violence throughout this conversation.

2. Hal Taffin. (Pulling a gun on you) Touch me and you're dead.

Choice Consequence

Maybe I should give him money after all.

If you have 20,000 credits, you get the info now and lose the 20k. Otherwise you'll have to come back when you do have 20,000 credits.

I'm going to kick his arse.

You pull a gun, too. (Betcha didn't know you had one.) He backs off. You get the info for free.

Don't bother coming back until you have enough credits. With this guy, persistence gets you nowhere.

Key Information

Once you get Taffin to talk - either bypaying him 10,000 credits, 20,000 credis or pulling a gun on him (violence won't work on return visits) - he'll tell you that he sold the pod to someone named Angus Santana, at Interplanetary Aidon the planet Anhur.

Next Step

Go see Santana.


Better pay this Hal Taffin a visit; his office is on Crius.