Mission B: The Canera Files

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Mission B: The Canera Files
Date 2790
Type Research
Previous Mission A: Dr. Loomis
Next Mission C: Hal Taffin

Official Guide

If you're a little lost as to the significance of the cargo ship Canera, it's the ship that crashed on Crius in the opening sequence of the game. You were in the Canera when it crashed, but you were frozen inside a Cryo Pod, so you didn't die in the crash. Nobody seems to know anything else about you. If you want to figure out who you are, so far the Canera is your only lead.

Who and Where

In a customs area, click on the booth. Choose the VEHICLES database. Look for M835_235.

Key Information

The Canera record mentions a salvage contractor named Hal Taffin. Check out Hal Taffin's record in the PEOPLE database. This record mentions Taffin Reclamation. Check out Taffin Reclamation in the COMPANIES database to find out where it is. This information is now automatically entered into your PAD so you can go there by transit.

Next Step

You should now go visit Hal Taffin. Hes on Crius, and you're already there, so you might as well do it now. However, if you have other pressing business, he'll stick around until you come back, no matter how long that takes.


Check out the Canera record in the booth (M835-235M).


Check out Hal Taffin in Public Records.


Check out Taffin Reclamation in Public Records.