Mission D: Angus Santana

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Mission D: Angus Santana
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission C: Hal Taffin
Next Mission E: Finding the Pod

Official Guide

Who and Where

Angus runs a medical supply operation. Once you've talked to Taffin, the location for Interplanetary Aid is stored in your PAD Head for Anhur and try it out.

Conversation Choices

1. Angus Santana. You must be with Taffin Reclamation?

Choice Consequence

Yes, I'll play along with that.

He mentions a memory solid, then figures out you're lying and demands to know who you are. You confess, and he gives you the serial number because "he's feeling generosu." He won't elaborate on the memory solid.

No, there's no point in lying.

He gives you the serial number, but never mentions the solid.

Key Information

Santana gives you the serial number for the Cryo Pod - D285/067N.

Next Step

Look up the serial number in the Public Records.


Visit Angus Santana at Interplanetary Aid on Anhur.