Mission A: Dr. Loomis

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Mission A: Dr. Loomis
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Next Mission B: The Canera Files

Official Guide

Who and Where

Dr. Loomis was the neurosurgeon who was in charge of your case at the Crius hospital (Not the woman with the long ponyails who got shot - that was Dr. Frevel.) To find Dr. Loomis, head for Crius.

If you've already been to Crius, you triggered a flashback movie when you landed, in which Dr Frevel explains who Dr Loomis is. If you're going to Crius for the first time now, you'll see this flick as soon as you land.

From customs, go to the EXIT TO TRANSIT area. On your PAD's transit map (which pops up automatically when you exit an on-planet location), click Crius Hospital. Your character gets in a taxi and heads for the hospital.

Once you're there, click on the receptionist. This triggers a flick that takes you into the conversation with Dr. Loomis.

Conversation Choices

Dr. Loomis. I'm sorry Ser Arris, but I don't think I'm in any position to help you.

Choice Consequence

I wonder if leaning on him would help.

He tells you all he knows.

Maybe I should back off a little.

He tells you all he knows.

Key Information

It's hard to tell whether Loomis is very nervous or simply uncooperative by nature. He eventually gives you a bit of information, though - he tells you that the Cryo Pod you were found in was custom-built and had no registration number or planet of origin. It was at least ten years old. He says it was confiscated. He claims that is all he knows about the matter.

In case you missed a bit of information in either the opening movie sequences or the flashback:

You were revived in Crius Hospital from a deep cryonic sleep. You were put into this sleep because you were suffering from a rare, degenerative disease that attacks structural tissue that was incurable when you were frozen. A cure has since been discovered and was administered to you before you woke up.

No one, including yourself, knows who you are. The name Lev Arris was on the Cryo Pod you were found in, so everyone assumes that's your name. (Cryo Pods are the devices people are suspended in when they are frozen.) All of the records for LEv Arris have been inexplicably erased.

Next Step

You won't learn anything else until you've landd five more times. Use this time to make a little money trading or taking missions, and one or two additional missions might be triggered within this time.

After five landings, you'll recieve the following from Loomis:


No Entry Available.


Maybe I should pay a visit to the hospital that treated me.


Maybe my consultant, Dr. Loomis, can help me.


Visiting Dr Loomis wasn't as helpful as I had anticipated. I had better extend my search elsewhere.



I've gone through some of the files on your case, and I think I may be able to help you after all. Check out the cargo ship 'Canera' (M835_235M) in the public records. That was the ship you crashed in. The information has now been released as the enquiry into the crash has finished. Take care Ser Arris.