Snipe Missile

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Snipe Missile
Damage 450
Max Velocity 1000 KPS
Acceleration 600 KPS^2
Max Y/P/R 60 DPS
Lock Time 3 seconds
Cost 100 credits

CCN Entry

Your Guide to the Universe

A dumbfire missile. Flies straight ahead and does not maneuver to target.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Snipe is a very limited guided missile. Its lock is easily broken by a ship's maneuvering ― in fact, you really can't hit anything that's moving with one of these. A Snipe does a fair amount of damage, but because it is so hard to hit anything that isn't standing still, you're limited to large, slow-moving targets with heavy shields and armor. The damage the Snipe can deliver is small compared to the amount such targets can withstand.