Enyo Engagement - 2639

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Enyo Engagement
Part of Terran-Kilrathi War
Date 2639.033 - .040
Location Enyo, Enyo System
Result Confederation Victory
Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
System Defense Forces
Reinforcement Fleet
Imperial Occupation Forces
Deployable Orbital Guns
Two Kilrathi fleets
Casualties and losses
Equal for both sides Equal for both sides

The Enyo Engagement was a 2639 battle between the Terran Confederation and the Empire of Kilrah. On 2639.033, the Kilrathi landed occupation forces on Enyo and positioned orbital guns to hold 250,000 Terran colonists hostage.

The Confederation launched a two-part tactical response under the leadership of then-Captain Geoffrey Tolwyn. In Phase One on 2639.036, a force of Raptors was modified to carry additional Porcupine Space Mines and few missiles.

On .038 Raptors, partially organized through the efforts of Captain Tolwyn drop porcupine mines in regions of space near the colonies where principal jump points are located. Kilrathi ships stay clear of the mined region, allowing the inception of Phase Two of the operation in which a scrambled radio signal detonates certain specially modified mines. This clears the way for the arrival of a sizable Terran reinforcement fleet through the jump point.

Terran forces made an immediate strike against the gunships, threatening the population centers. The mines split the gunships and the fleet units assigned to intercept the Raptors, allowing the two Confederation forces to form a final pincer around the enemy fleet.

After a pounding match which lasts only two days, the Enyo Engagement ends on .040 with the Kilrathi in full retreat. Casualties are nearly identical.

During the battle, Captain Maria Alvarez and 2nd Lt. Joseph Khumalo attacked a Kilrathi transport. After strafing from its rear down its belly they turned to find a swarm of enemy fighters. Rather than maneuver away from his wingleader, Khumalo fired as quickly as possible and destroyed multiple enemy fighters which were attacking Alvarez. Alvarez replied "Ooh, eet's my White Knight", earning Khumalo his callsign.