Novaya Kiev System - Series 10 - Mission A

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Novaya Kiev System - Series 10 - Mission A
WC2 Nav Series 10 Mission A.png
Fighter Broadsword
Type Escort
Wingmen Doomsday, Dart, Mangler
Previous Ghorah Khar System - Series 3 - Mission D
Next Novaya Kiev System - Series 10 - Mission B

Mission Layout

Nav Area Enemies Friendlies Objective
Concordia 1 Gilgamesh (Tell)
1 Confederation (Concordia)
Return to the Concordia
Flank 5 Drakhri Proceed to Nav point
Destroyer 4 Jalkehi
1 Fralthra
Launch strike on enemy destroyer



TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev System Enigma Sector
Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Paladin! Glad to see you're still on board.
Guess you've heard about Olympus...
Aye, laddie, that I have. I dinna believe it, though.
You're not the kind to sit on the side lines...
Might as well have...
There were just too many of them.
No matter what I do, his Lordship the Admiral will twist it around to make me look bad.
So ye're flyin' ta make a hero of yourself, then?
No, James. I'm flying to stop the damn furballs from conquering our whole race!
Then what does it matter what Tolwyn thinks of you? Or anyone else?
Because if Tolwyn gets his wish, I'll never fly against the Kilrathi again!
An' if that happens, me offer stands.
Thanks, James, but I can do more good here, as long as I can keep flying.
Perhaps, lad. But there's more than one way ta fight a war...
What are you talking about, James? Just what are you into?
I canna tell ye, lad... unless you're willin' ta sign on.
But in the meantime, Christopher, you watch yourself.
After the attack on Ghorah Khar, the cats have pulled back...
...forcing the Concordia to check out Novaya Kiev.
But it makes no sense for the Kilrathi to pull back now.
The cats are preparin' for something big, I'm sure of it.

Mission Briefing

Flight Deck, TCS Concordia.
I have an urgent mission for you, mon ami.
I need you to launch immediately. You will fly a Broadsword, and assist... attack force in an assault against a Fralthra cruiser.
The top brass have ordered our retreat to Novaya Kiev...
...but sometimes the best defense is a good offense.
You must be careful. We are getting energy readings...
...along the cruiser's flank...
Almost certainly, there are Kilrathi fighters lurking in this system.
Your Broadsword's Nav computer will have complete data on this.
Will I have a wingman?
Mais oui, Maverick. Doomsday and the assault wing will meet you on the Flight Deck.
No problem, Angel. I'm on my way.

Mission Debriefing

Light Damage Medium Damage Heavy Damage
Welcome back, sir.
Looks like it was a tough battle, sir!
Glad you made it back alive, sir.
Colonel Devereaux's Office, TCS Concordia.
Welcome back, messieurs.
...please give me your report.
At Nav 1, we were ambushed by several Drakhri.
Visited Nav 2 Skipped Nav 2
We headed to Nav 2 to engage the Fralthra cruiser.
A battle fleet was already in-system---a wing of Jalkehi.
Doomsday and I joined the Broadswords to engage the enemy...
We didn't go to Nav 2, it just didn't feel right...
Now I have to send out another flight. Maverick, you try my patience.
But of course, I have it all in this report....
Destroyed Fralthra Did Not Destroy Fralthra
The Fralthra's history, Colonel. We couldn't ice the Fralthra, Colonel.
Maverick Scores Kills Maverick Scores No Kills
I understand that you destroyed X, Maverick!
I understand you did not destroy any, Maverick.
Doomsday Scores Kills Doomsday Scores No Kills
And Doomsday got X. And Doomsday didn't get any.
I'm surprised we survived this.
You were lucky, considering the difficulty of this mission.
Doomsday Does Not Eject Doomsday Ejects Doomsday Ejects and is Rescued
After you ejected, Doomsday, we became a bit worried. After you ejected, Doomsday, we became a bit worried.
But I knew Maverick would bring you back.
We lost one of the younger pilots today...Dallas, flying on Stingray's wing.
Maverick, I know you and Doomsday wish to prove yourselves...
But I do not want to lose any more pilots.
That is all, gentlemen. Dismissed.