Ghorah Khar (star system)

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Ghorah Khar
Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Isaac Quadrant
Locations Ghorah Khar, Olympus Station
Jump Links Enigma, Gwynedd, Niven, Novaya Kiev, Rarkath, Vordran, Sharm, Shariha, N'Tanya, Antares

Ghorah Khar is a star system in the Enigma Sector. It was once a major frontier colony of the Kilrathi Empire, but defected to the Terran Confederation in 2656.

Ghorah Khar is home to the Kilrathi planet of Ghorah Khar, and it was once a major military center for the Kilrathi Imperial Navy. However, after centuries of warfare, the ruling lords of Ghorha Khar became disillusioned with the Kilrathi's desire for constant warfare, and sought to join the Terran Confederation in its fight against the Empire. This started a long civil war that ultimately determined the stability of the Kilrathi Empire.

Ghorah Khar seceded from the Empire in 2656, and offered a permanent peace to the human race. Desperate to maintain their structural integrity, the Kilrathi launched an invasion of the planet that year. This ended in miserable failure when the separatists conquered the planet, forcing the Kilrathi Loyalists to abandon the planet. The Loyalists initiated a decade-long campaign to retake the planet, led by Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka and his cousin, Khasra Fireclaw.

By 2665, Ghorah Khar had been fortified by the Kilrathi Separatists and their Terran allies, and Confed was determined to ensure the safety of its new allies. The Kilrathi made several repeated attempts to destroy the rebellion, but were ultimately forced to surrender the planet in 2667. This led to the subsequent secession of several nearby Kilrathi colonies, who had also come to distrust the Kilrathi. However, the Ghorah Khar campaign also served as a cover for the Kilrathi's concurrent invasion of the Deneb Quadrant, where they overwhelmed the Confederation Fleet while the bulk of their forces were preoccupied with liberating Ghorah Khar.

Several missions and campaigns were undertaken by the Kilrathi Empire and the Terran Confederation from 2656 to 2667. Among these are:

  • Loyalist destruction of the Ghorah Khar Shipyards in 2656. Prince Thrakhath ordered the strike to prevent the Separatists from acquiring the Strakha Stealth Fighter technology.
  • A series of Terran reconnaissance missions to gather intelligence on a Kilrathi offensive in 2665.
  • The defense of Olympus Station.
  • The defense of the KIS Shar N'Tanya, a Separatist cruiser.
  • The destruction of a Kilrathi invasion force in 2667.

By 2681, Ghorah Khar was marked on maps as part of the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans, along with other Kilrathi systems such as N'Tanya that had rebelled against the Empire and the Kiranka dynasty.


Ghorah Khar was the backdrop for the Wing Commander 2 expansion "Special Operations 1".