Epsilon Wing II (Firekka System)

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Epsilon Wing
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Joseph Khumalo
Other Friendly Ships TCS U Thant
TCS Trygvie Lie
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We didn't know what was going on. Confederation High Command reported that all Kilrathi fleets were headed toward the Firekka System. Reinforcement were being sent, but we would begin evacuation of our diplomats from the system immediately.

Mission Profile:

Meeting at the rendezvous point at Nav 1, we were ordered to escort the TCS U Thant and TCS Strygvie to their respective jump points at Nav 2 and Nav 3.

Mission Chronology:

1. Three Jalthi attacked at the edge of an asteroid field 12,284 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two Krant ahead and two Krant above attacked the Exeters when we were 11,000 kilometers from Nav 2.
3. TCS U Thant jumped 6200 kilometers from Nav 2.
4. Four Dralthi and four Salthi attacked the TCS Strygvie 14,279 km from Nav 3.
5. TCS Strygvie jumped at Nav 3.

Post-Mission Analysis:

The greatest threats to our Exeters were the four Krant who attacked just before we reached Nav 2. The first wing hit from dead ahead and we used our afterburner slide to the right with full guns to hit them hard on the first pass. We used our speed and afterburners to race into a rear position, and cut loose with neutrons, and Spiculums to take them out.

Taunting the second two Krant halved the force that attacked the Exeters, but we both targeted the enemy fighter that continued the assault. In such crowded quarters, we didn't want to use our friend-or-foe missiles. We made the enemy break attack by firing Darts and then hit their heavy armor with full guns from the side.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing