Enigma System - Series 7 - Mission 2

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Enigma System - Series 7 - Mission 2
Fighter A-17 Broadsword
Wingmen Jeannette Devereaux
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We were hiding in the asteroids, while our technicians and mechanics completed repairs and maintenance on the Concordia and her complement of fighters. It left us vulnerable to attack.

Intel had reported a Kilrathi listening post on the edge of the asteroid field. Angel and I would go after it, but take a round-about course to camouflage the location of the carrier. Launching into the middle of an asteroid field, we kept our speed at 250 KPS and concentrated on staying as close to our computer course as possible. We emerged from the first field and almost immediately headed into a second, hoping the rocks would hide our approach and provide an element of surprise. Nav 1 and 2 were clear, and our rear and side gunners had little trouble handling the three Drakhri protecting the listening post. When the four Jalkehi joined the fray, the mission became much tougher. In a Broadsword, we didn't have the advantage in maneuverability and speed over the Jalkehi. They had afterburners and we didn't.

After I told Angel to attack my target, we waded into a pitched dogfight with the Jalkehi. Angel didn't last long, having to eject after taking out only one enemy ship. Now I proceeded with a vengeance, and so did my gunners. I launched the three Pilums to disrupt the Jalkehi's attack patterns and started blazing with the forward, rear and side guns.

The Kilrathi listening post's defenses weren't up to the task of stopping a torpedo attack from the Broadsword. I hit the brakes at 8000 meters, armed my torpedo, and locked the target. As soon as the target-lock indicator started flashing, I pushed the throttles forward until my speed hit 150 KPS and headed straight for the outpost. I waited until the last minute to launch the torpedo. I was only 1850 meters away, and turned away quickly once I saw the torpedo hit the listening post.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing