Dralthi IX

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Dralthi IX
Type Medium fighter
Manufacturer Caxki clan
Primary User Kilrathi Assembly of Clans
Additional Users Mercenaries

The Dralthi IX is the latest version of the popular Dralthi spaceframe, designed specifically for anti-Nephilim action. While many ships commonly seen in the Epsilon sector are older designs that have had multiple variations exist over time, the Dralthi IX is unique in that it was designed from the outset to have three different models depending on its role. The Striker is a general model Dralthi IX, evolving directly from previous variants. The Shank is designed for close-range combat, using its cloaking device to get in close to a target unnoticed, then using a combination of Neutron guns and Paw DF missiles to quickly destroy its prey. Finally, the Rhino is the heaviest Dralthi ever built, with the weaponry and armor of a heavy fighter while maintaining much of the flying style of classic Dralthi designs.

Variant Comparison

Stat/Variant Striker Shank Rhino
Length: 31 meters 38 meters 38 meters
Mass: 15 metric tonnes 18 metric tonnes 21 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 420 kps 365 kps 300 kps
Max Afterburner velocity: 815 kps 690 kps 570 kps
Acceleration: 220 k/s^2 220 k/s^2 220 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R: 75/75/75 deg/s 65/65/65 deg/s 55/55/55 deg/s
Shields: 170 cm 120 cm 170 cm
Armor: 385 cm 460 cm 580 cm
Guns: Laser Cannon (2), Mass Driver Cannon (2) Meson Blaster (2), Neutron Gun (2) Tachyon Gun (2), Plasma Gun (2)
Missile Hardpoints: 4x20 Paw DF, 1x4 Vampire HS 4x20 Paw DF, 3x10 Porcupine Mines 2x20 Paw DF, 3x5 Claw HS
Missile Decoys: Yes No Yes
Jump Capable: Yes Yes Yes

Behind the Screens

Appears in Wing Commander Arena.