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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Tr'L Rass Quadrant
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Bifrost is a star system in the Epsilon Sector. It is a territory of the Kilrathi Empire.

Bifrost is far beyond the outer reaches of the Terran Confederation, and thus few Terrans have ever explored the system. Up until 2655, the star system hosted at least one Kilrathi supply depot, which constantly refueled local starships. Most of the starships in this region relied on maneuverability and speed for success, thus they required regular fueling.

Bifrost was explored by the TCS Tiger's Claw in 2655 during its pursuit of the strike fleet that destroyed Goddard. The brass on the Tiger's Claw suspected that a supply depot was nearby due to the heavy starship traffic in the system, so its destruction became their primary goal. While running recon throughout the system, Christopher Blair and his wing sighted the KIS Sivar, the vessel that destroyed Goddard. Unprepared for this new threat, the Terrans retreated with their newly-acquired intelligence.

The Terrans eventually destroyed the supply depot in the area, further damaging Kilrathi operations in the sector. The Claw then pursued the Sivar to Valgard.