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NinjaLA's latest work is a pencil sketch of a Kilrathi fighter based off the Privateer 3 concept art. It's a very menacing asymmetrical design! The basic image is available on white, and a reverse shot with a computer generated black background is also available.
This is a piece I started a while back and promptly forgot to finish... I started it back when the CIC ran an article on Privateer 3 concept art. I discovered it yesterday sitting in a stack of papers, so I finished it today. It was another attempt at creating concept art which looks to me like it would belong in a Kilrathi privateer's hands, err paws.

To make drawings like this, I do a series of silouette sketches to find a shape I find to be dynamic and pleasing and then I draw a basic wireframe version on paper. If the the initial framework looks good, I fill in the details first with a light pencil and then I ink out the details The shading is created with either a pencil (in this case) or grayscale copic markers.

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