From Drawing Board to Drawing Board Update ID

NinjaLA's latest work is a pencil sketch of a Kilrathi fighter based off the Privateer 3 concept art. It's a very menacing asymmetrical design! The basic image is available on white, and a reverse shot with a computer generated black background is also available.
This is a piece I started a while back and promptly forgot to finish... I started it back when the CIC ran an article on Privateer 3 concept art. I discovered it yesterday sitting in a stack of papers, so I finished it today. It was another attempt at creating concept art which looks to me like it would belong in a Kilrathi privateer's hands, err paws.

To make drawings like this, I do a series of silouette sketches to find a shape I find to be dynamic and pleasing and then I draw a basic wireframe version on paper. If the the initial framework looks good, I fill in the details first with a light pencil and then I ink out the details The shading is created with either a pencil (in this case) or grayscale copic markers.

Journey to Largkza Update ID

Depending on where they might be located, Wingnuts today are remembering either the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor or the Kilrathi Ritual of Pukcal. To celebrate the former, pick up a copy of Action Stations and read all about how the kats awoke 'the sleeping giant' with a daring sneak attack. The latter is celebrated by visting the nearest Temple of Sivar for atonement.

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