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Here's a collection of major news sites' articles on the Wing Commander Arena announcement... the buzz seems very positive, and the news has certainly spread very quickly! If you have any you would like to add, please contact us or post to the new Message Board.
  • - Wing Commander Arena Confirmed for Xbox Live
  • The Game Feed - Wing Commander Flies on Xbox 360
  • GameFreaks365 - EA Launches Wing Commander Arena onto XBLA
  • GamePro - Wing Commander Franchise Resurrected for XBLA
  • Total Video Games - Wing Commander Returns
  • TeamXbox - XBLA: EA Announces Wing Commander Arena
  • Kotaku - EA: Wing Commander Coming to Live Arcade
  • Eurogamer - Wing Commander for XBLA
  • CVG Online - EA Brings Wing Commander to XBLA
  • Pro-G - EA Confirms Wing Commander for XBLA
  • Boomtown - EA Confirms Wing Commander Arena
  • TechShout! - Wing Commander Arena Brought to XBLA by EA
  • Totally360 - EA Announces Another Upcoming Title for Arcade
  • GamesAreFun - Wing Commander Returns, Flies to XBLA
  • Xboxic - Wing Commander Arena Announced
  • 1Up - Wing Commander Confirmed for XBLA
  • Gaming Target - Wing Commander Returns on XBLA
  • GameDAILY - EA Rolls Out Wing Commander
  • Next Generation - New Wing Commander Heading to XBLA
  • DailyGame - Wing Commander Coming to XBLA
  • GamingNexus - Wing Commander Coming to XBLA
  • GameSpot - Wing Commander Flies to XBLA
  • Gamasutra - EA Brings Wing Commander to Live Arcade
  • Game Informer - Wing Commander to Return to Consoles
  • Ve3d - Wing Commander Arena Announced
  • Gameworld Network - Wing Commander Arena Coming to XBLA
  • Spong - EA Confirms Wing Commander for XBLA
  • Comic Book Bin - Arena Football Arrives At Stores (Really)
  • And just to be complete, here's a collection of articles about the ESRB 'rumor' from the day before:
  • Pro-G - Wing Commander Franchise Rebortn on Xbox 360?
  • CVG Online - Wing Commander Jetting to XBLA?
  • Boomtown - Wing Commander Coming to X360?
  • - Wing Commander Returning
  • Eurogamer - Wing Commander On 360
  • Guardian Unlimited - Wing Commander Returning on XBox 360?
  • TeamXbox - ESRB Reveals New Xbox Live Arcade Games
  • Fagland - Wing Commander Preparing a Comeback?
  • Video Game Blogger - Wing Commander Arena rated for Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Fanboy - Wing Commander Coming to 360?
  • - All-new Wing Commander Coming to XBox360
  • Siliconera - Wing Commander... Revived on the 360?
  • Joystiq - EA Resurrecting Wing Commander on Xbox 360?
  • XBLArcade - Wing Commander on the Arcade?
  • Blongo - Wing Commander Arena Naar Xbox 360?

  • Recent Updates

    Differences a True Collector Would Love

    Red-Jackal recently posted a neat 1993 Privateer advertisement from Computer magazine. We've shown it off before, or so I thought, so I almost passed it by. It is a little bit sharper than the one we have in the archive though, so I decided to take a second look. (2019-02-22)

    All Wings Considered - Episode 1 - LIVE!

    The first episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which will feature news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week we're taking on ground missions in Wing Commander IV and talking about the first four chapters of the novel End Run with members of the community. (2019-02-21)

    Streaming Live Thursday!

    Our kickoff episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is nearly here! Be sure to tune in on Thursday, February 21st, at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific) to watch our live streaming Wing Commander show. This works out to Midnight GMT, which we know is late on a school night, so the archived recording will be available later. (2019-02-20)

    Wing Commander Enters the Retro Zone

    Pix recently came across a pretty neat article in the UK magazine PC Zone. I really like it's graphical layout with the Dralthis overflying the slick text. The author is a big fan of the WC series and uses it as an example for awesome '90s games that were outside the realm of his usual fare. (2019-02-19)

    Homeworld Mod's Prologue Campaign Released

    There's an exciting update to the Homeworld Remastered Mod, Flag Commander, today. L.I. (2019-02-18)

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