Privateer Model Exploration Continues Update ID

A lot of people have done some pretty nifty things with the Privateer 3D model archive over the years, but it can still be a slightly daunting task to dig into if you're an artistic novice. This is where fans come into play, and Wingnuts have continued to help their fellow Wingnuts learn how to navigate these waters. bai recently got some assistance unpacking some of the texture files and finding out how to convert and read them. The output speaks for itself and just shows how good the assets were to begin with. They also show what's possible when WC fans work together! Learn more at the CIC Forums.
Wow, the results are night and day... so much better than I expected! Got some more models converted, starting to do some more test renders. Turning out better than expected. Amazing how good these models are, for being 25 years old. More to come :D

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