Massively Revamped Flat Universe Released! Update ID

The Maslas Brothers' impressive top-down Wing Commander shooter, Flat Universe, has been upgraded to version 0.8.5. It's a significantly more extensive beta than the 0.6.5 release that came out in January. Mission design, graphics quality and user interface/cockpit design have all gotten big updates. Pilots can now autopilot or jump to a whopping 15 systems via the nav map. There are also 8 new training missions. New players should consult the controls reference card to figure out what buttons to press, then grab the game in Windows, Mac and Linux flavors at Daedalus Station here!
Quick help: In free flight hit "m" to get to the map and you can select NAV point. As always "a" starts the autopilot. When you get close enough to the jump buoy hit "j" to get to then next system.

Also all the training missions are new. The NAV system also works here but if you want to finish the mission and check you score you must return to the TCS Formidable (that's the Exeter) and land.

PS: The missions in Reid System are tough ;)

Have fun...

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