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Ginger_Tigra has extracted most of the sound clips included in Wing Commander 4's gameflow file. This includes things like the loudspeaker messages, voiceovers when Blair dies, sound effects and Pliers' witty comments over the loadout screens. There's nearly fifty just of those! It's a lot of idle chatter, but there are quite a few interesting bits of backstory lore tossed in as well. They're worth a listen for the nostalgia factor alone, but AD has typed up the text for easy reference. Download the audio pack here (15 MB zip) or jump to the Pliers transcription here.
These FOFs always spook me. One hit on your ship's QIPID resonator and they go for the first thing they see. Big damage though.

Didn't get around to finishing repairs on your ship, kid. Sorry.

I'll cross the external energy inducers over the back-manifold heat shield, which should get you around 50 KPS higher cruising speed.

No idea why so many people like the Photon Cannon. I always thought the heat to divergence ratio was lame.

I've pushed the limits on those old Confed tractor beams you probably learned on at the academy. I doubled the axial frequency, added inertial retracors and pretty much tweaked the hell out of 'em. You'll be impressed your next salvage op.

If you've got mines on your ship, I recommend using 'em. I've see more than one bogie bite it because he didn't watch out for these creepers. They track, you know.

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