Pliers' Weapon Loadout Screen Comments

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0050-01c0-037: Don't screw this one up, kid. Looks like a cake walk.

0050-01c0-038: Good luck, kid. Eisen handed out a tough one today.

0050-01c0-039: The Avenger is best for pods, 'cause with all those hardpoints you can still carry missiles.

0050-01c0-040: The Vindicator won't get you through long battles with that light armor. But it's the only one you can use for atmospheric missions.

0050-01c0-041: Banshees are great all around fighters. You can't go wrong, unless you try to take out capships.

0050-01c0-042: Still working on what those disks are. But the guns look like they'll cut up whatever you're pointing 'em at.

0050-01c0-043: Give'em hell, kid! Can't wait to hear about that Flash-Pak.

0050-01c0-044: Avengers are good for rescues. They've got staying power. Kinda slow though. Banshees are the quick guys.

0050-01c0-045: Aaah, heat seekers, whatever. Best you can do on this Border Worlds budget, I guess.

0050-01c0-046: Image recs, yeah. Confed has shitloads of these. The locking gizmo take its time, but it tracks real good.

0050-01c0-047: These FOFs always spook me. One hit on your ship's QIPID resonator and they go for the first thing they see. Big damage though.

0050-01c0-048: FOFs: Sort out who's who even in a confusing mess. They track independently, so no waiting for a missile lock.

0050-01c0-049: Dumbfires. Pack a big punch, but only good for slow-moving space-pigs and capships.

0050-01c0-050: Starburst. Better watch out for your wingmen. This guy doesn't care what it's hittin'.

0050-01c0-051: Starburst. Good for hitting big at something a long way off. But I think it needs some old Pliers magic for it to be more useful.

0050-01c0-052: Pretty worthless against single fighters. But the Starburst might work some serious magic on a Confed launch deck.

0050-01c0-053: Dragons are amazing. Just think about those infinite afterburners. The speed comes directly out of your power plant though, so keep an eye on the energy readout.

0050-01c0-054: Didn't get around to finishing repairs on your ship, kid. Sorry.

0050-01c0-055: I'll cross the external energy inducers over the back-manifold heat shield, which should get you around 50 KPS higher cruising speed.

0050-01c0-056: Laser cannons don't do much damage, but they sure fire fast.

0050-01c0-057: The mass driver is a great gun for scaring the crap out of your enemy. It has a gut-wrenching sound and leaves a lot visual damage.

0050-01c0-058: No idea why so many people like the photon cannon. I always thought the heat to divergence ratio was lame.

0050-01c0-059: Particle cannons aren't bad, but damn hard to maintain. Parts are more than scarce.

0050-01c0-060: The tachyon cannon is one of my favourites. It packs a real wallop, rarely fails and is one sleek design.

0050-01c0-061: The ion cannon was the first weapon I ever worked on, and it hasn't change much since. They're rugged and cheap to build, so we've got a lot of them.

0050-01c0-062: I was tinkering with one of our ion cannons and I came up with this scatter cannon. Okay, so the name sucks. Shoots five bolts instead of one for just a 17 percent bigger hit on your energy. The prototype's going on your next ship. See what you think.

0050-01c0-063: I was able to pull a "stormfire" off a junked pirate fighter we just hauled in. Boy! Old technology, but damn effective. Fires a shitload of small low density projectiles at extremely high velocity. Just paint your target and let 'er rip. If the range wasn't so damn short, they'd still be around today. Try it out and see how you like it.

0050-01c0-064: The plasma cannon definitely wreaks major havoc on your enemy. But don't get caught leaning on the trigger, it'll drain your energy dry in no time. It will suck you dry faster than a... okay, you get the point.

0050-01c0-065: If you want to disable a ship, use leech cannons. The Confeds like the missiles, and sure we've got some. But they are little rougher on the merchandise, if you know what I mean. If you can get in close, go with the cannon.

0050-01c0-066: These Black Lance ships got some crazy type of ass-kicking fission cannon. Just hold on the trigger to charge, and release to let 'em rip. Only problem is waiting for your wings to lock, so the vicious kickback doesn't tear 'em off.

0050-01c0-067: If you've got mines on your ship, I recommend using 'em. I've see more than one bogie bite it because he didn't watch out for these creepers. They track, you know.

0050-01c0-068: The Pilum FF basically kicks ass. Fire it and let it do its job, no questions asked.

0050-01c0-069: If you're fighting new craft, like we usually do against the Confed, you'll want the Spiculum IR. It takes a while to lock, but once it's found its prey - watch out!

0050-01c0-070: If you're on a salvage op and want to keep your distance take the Leech missile. It beats on your prey, but definately keeps your butt out the fray.

0050-01c0-071: If we weren't so goddamn desperate, I'd scrap every last Javelin HS missile. These things suck compared to what's out there. But these are hard times, my friend, and we've got to go with what we've got. They do the job when they make contact.

0050-01c0-072: You wanna kill a capship - use torpedos. Nuff said.

0050-01c0-073: Slow-moving large object with very low shields? Use a Dumbfire. The warhead is big and they're easy to make.

0050-01c0-074: We got some ass-kicking loot from that weapons depot. Try out the "Mace" missile sometime. This sucker's got a proto-nuclear warhead on it that'll take out more than its fair share. Just launch and hold the trigger 'till the safety clicks off, then release to explode. Boom!

0050-01c0-075: We scored some prototype ordnance, which I'm anxious to see field tested. One of 'em is codenamed "Starburst" and it appears to be some kind of charged particle burst bomb with an engine attached. When you launch it keep the trigger down untill you want it to blow. Then hopefully the safety will keep it from going off in your face.

0050-01c0-076: Boy, does that "Starburst" bomb suck! Guess that's why it was still in testing. Well, I've been tinkering a bit and made it more useful. Instead of bursting all over the place, it all blows forward in a cone shape, like some big shotgun. Someone's gonna shit!

0050-01c0-077: A Flash-Pak is guided, it's mean and we only got one. I don't know any more, I don't think I want to. This thing scares me.

0050-01c0-078: I've pushed the limits on those old Confed tractor beams you probably learned on at the academy. I doubled the axial frequency, added inertial retracors and pretty much tweaked the hell out of 'em. You'll be impressed your next salvage op.

0050-01c0-079: Colonel, I'd appreciate it if you don't trash your ship this time. We ain't got the parts or the manpower to back up sloppy Confederation flying.

0050-01c0-080: Bring me back a ship as clean as you did last time and i'll show you what old Pliers can do!

0050-01c0-081: I'm gonna crank up your sheld generator to give you a little more padding for this one. It'll strain the main unit, but I think you'll need it.

0050-01c0-082: When you've got a lock on ya, you drop the decoys, you hear me? I've tired of rebuilding ships just 'cause some idiot pilot wants to save his ECM pods. We've got enough P-22 EF and strontium interference alloy...

0050-01c0-083: When you get in a jam, afterburn. If you just hang around taking it for no good reason you gonna have to answer to me when you get back. Cause I've got to fix every last stinking hole, crack and whatever else on that thing and it ain't no fun! 'Specially when I've been up all night. I've got no sleep...

0050-01c0-084: I was up all damn night making sure these ships were ready to go, so do something useful out there! And tell Maniac to cut the shit and stop showing off! He's puting too much heat stress on the flex-manifolds every time he kicks the stick doing his Marshall-spin-crap. Crazy snot-nose ego trip no good Confed...

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