Thou Shouldst Not Dorkir That, Avatar Update ID

Gaijin sent us a neat screenshot. This Origin in-joke appeared in Super Wing Commander -- if you sat and watched the Tiger's Claw's lounge long enough, a surprising figure would pass by the window. Who is it? The Avatar from Origin's Ultima series of games -- he appears in Super Wing Commander just as he did at the start of Ultima VII Part 2, flying through space to Serpent Isle. I guess that makes up for the Bloodfang-class fighter which appeared in Ultima VII (details)!

New WINE Plays Prophecy Smoothly Update ID

It may have taken six years, but Wing Commander fans running Linux seem to have a pretty robust platform to play their favorite windows-based games now. Mike Wagener reports that WINE version 0.9.13 and later can now play Wing Commander Prophecy without any special patches, tweaks or complex configuration. The results for him are smooth with no movie skipping or glitches during spaceflight. Mike's test system was an AMD64 X2 4400+ with Debian Unstable installed. The random crashes and other bugs we reported a couple years ago seem to have been fixed for the most part. Older Wing Commander games can still be played on Mac and Lunix systems via DOSBox.

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