Are You L33t Enough? Update ID

Marcin Piontek seemed pretty excited about this, so I'll let him do the talking.
There is a very interesting article on WINE in Polish edition of September PC WORLD COMPUTER ( WINE is an application which allows to run Windows based applications when using Linux operation system. You may imagine my surprise when I found out that to find some other info and even a couple of screenshots: Good news for those who prefer Linux! I wonder whether anyone tried to play Kilrathi Saga and WCIV using WINE and Linux? As asks for any information about the games that can be played under Linux, perhaps it is a good opportunity to promote WC games also among theLinux users.
If you know of Wing Commander games that run on alternative Operating Systems with the aid of a Windows or DOS emulator, (i.e. Linux, BeOS,...) be sure to let us know.

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