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This is just a little note about GameStar's note on a 2001 release date for Privateer Online. Actually that part is probably fine.. but the note about it being under Andy Hollis may be inaccurate. This is primarily because of the September 1999 GamePen article where Hollis stated he is not amongst those working on "Wing Commander Online." Hopefully it wont be long now before we open up the section that organizes all these POL statements.

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If you missed the latest multi-developer chat at ATFW on Saturday, the logs are now up. You can find the basic text file here and the pretty color-coded html version is here. There were a whole bunch of Wing Commander mentions throughout the chat.
[14:23] ([CIC]Cpl Hades) Thanks Beth :) Hey Warthog guys. :) Quick question...have you considered releasing the Privateer 2 source code to renew interest in the game like what has happened with games like Quake and Descent?
[14:23] (StarLancer) We don't own the Privateer 2 source code, thats an EA/Origin decision.
[14:24] ([CIC]Cpl Hades) Hmm, would you know who to contact to try to get it?
[14:25] (StarLancer) Not sure on that one, it would have to be head of development at Origin probably...

[16:49] (Cronoss) What are the controls like (will we have many keys to function, like most space-sims, or will it be simpistic?)
[16:49] (P_Markus) Cronoss: Much like Wing Commander, with additional sliding.

[13:51] (Crytek_Adam) Silent Space overall is a sci-fi combat simulation much in the genre of Wing Commander and FreeSpace

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Pedro sent us some information about Unknown Enemy. There was some discussion on the project at our Chat Zone here.
With no one available to create missions for the dated Secret Ops we are moving to another engine. Right now we need someone to refine and complete the story and someone who is capable of creating CG sequences. Once the new engine has been chosen and released I will hopefully be able to turn the project over to whoever appears to be the most talented at using it.

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Our religious affairs correspondent Mark Gibbon reports from Bex. Construction of a new Chapel and Brewery complex for the Avuncular Order of Hom commenced yesterday. The project is being undertaken partially as a result of an increase in followers, and partially because of the huge popularity of Bex Beer, the main product of the dipsomaniacal devotees. Huge amounts of Titan Alloys and Lumber are required..... prices are suitably high.

More POL Rumors From Germany Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter found the following in the latest issue of the German magazine GameStar:
Wing Commander Online
Work started
Internet Comeback w/o Chris Roberts but with Andy Hollis (Longbow)
More proof that although unannounced, Origin is indeed working on the next Wing Commander game.

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We had to temporarily disable the Chat Zones while we transfered the board files to our new server. This process has been completed without loss of posts or user profiles. The Zones will be fully functional again when we occupy the new server in 24 to 48 hours.

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What is? Why, the General's rib-stickin' taste-bud ticklin' Leviathan-sized portions of griddled Shantak Bird, that's what.Marinated in a time-honored mixture of herbes, spices and avian bodily secretions, and then cooked up by one of our highly-trained adolescent chefs, it's a meal fit for a king... or a General! Available in Hermit, Dinner Party and Orgy sized buckets.

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A Talent For War is hosting their next multi-developer joint chat session tomorrow on irc. Representatives from Deep Space, Freespace 2, Klingon Academy, Parsec, Silent Space,Starlancer, Terminus and UFS Vanguard are expected to show. If you'd liked to know more, check out the ATFW info page on the chat here.

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Perhaps it's finals/new semester time for many school and college aged Wing Commander fans, but submitted answeres are markedly down this week. There are two more days to participate in Week 61 Trivia. You can find this week's questions here.

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Ale correspondent Nigel Firkin lets rip. Well, it's good clean fun aplenty down here at the Real Beer festival on Bex. Enthusiasts for all three systems are here, tankards hanging from their belts. A number of new brews are on show, with those drunken deacons of the Blessed Brew revealing a whole new range of toothsome ales. Uncle Kashumai's Bowel Loosener is proving a firm favourite, as in Dr. Ploppy's Black Death. Me, I favour Outhouse Armageddon as the pint par excellence, something the state of my underwear goes to show. Supplies are running very low, however, and if new supplies of Bex Beer aren't forthcoming, there's going to be a few angry drunks around.

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The CIC is currently in search of a number of copies of the February 2000 issue of PC Games, a German magazine that did a little feature that mentioned us. If you have any questions or would be able to find one or more copies (or know of a way for us to order online), we'd appreciate it if you let us know. Even a scan of the "unmissable internet sites" section would be great. Below is a picture of what we think the cover looks like. Thanks

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Reaper let us know that the upcoming February 25 Swiss release of the movie is for the German speaking part of Switzerland. He explained to us that Switzerland is divided into three regions, Suisse Romande (French speaking), Suisse Allémanique (German dialect speaking) and SuisseItalienne (Italian speaking). The movie came out in the French portion back in June 1999. And this has been today's geography lesson.

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We anticipate hopping web servers within the next couple or three days here. In the best case scenario nobody will notice a thing, and we're currently working to make the transition go virtually unnoticed. But just in case there's a brief disruption in service, we'll be back as soon as possible.

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Film critic Shame Tone reports. Last night I was treated to a preview of Filbert Candid's latest addition to his 'Kino-Neu' oevre, and a spectacular piece of Vid-u-lite it is too. Called 'One morning I noticed blue stuff was lodged in my abdominal orifice', it strongly challeneges all our precepts of the Vidflik's modus operandi. For a start, it commences with the end credits rolling in reverse down the screen, so that we are privy to the identity of the Grips, Best Persons and Loafers before we know who the stars are, an exception that is dashed when we discover that these people are the stars of the piece. I was so overcome with admiration I swooned, and intend to complete my viewing this evening.

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In the midst of squashing old Privateer 3 rumors, this one's potentially interesting. Kyee over at the Chat Zone noticed that Gaming Haven appears to have recently put up a release date for "Privateer 3." Admittedly, there are a million bogus Privateer 3 related things floating around, but this one suggests a January 2001 date. That'd be rather late for the long-defunct P3 game. Take from this what you will.. You can see their release dates section for yourself here.

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This isn't so much news as a bit of trivia. Last week we reported on a way to make Secret Ops run with german subtitles and speech. Sturm noticed that if you install the English version of Kilrathi Saga WC3, but use the German discs, the full German game will play with full German speech, subtitles, etc. I'm not exactly sure why you wouldn't just install the German version of WC3, but hey..

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KnightWolf noticed that the CGW Top 40 Poll is still up. We reported about this one quite a while ago, but if you missed that, be sure to vote here. Prophecy Gold is among the many choices. If anyone has any info on the issue of Computer Gaming World that features the results, be sure to let us know.

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A report by Velham Jedley. The Hephaestan Oxygen Company, a semi-autonomous body charged with maintaining Hephaestus' shakey oxygen supply, has revealed plans to implant all residents with 'aerometers', which register the amount of oxygen consumed by an individual, who would then be charged accordingly. Visitors to the planet would be obliged to pay a 'consumption charge'. Pressure groups were up in arms at the news yesterday, but H.O.C. chairman Diveset Opes shrugged and said 'It's the only way to go'.

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There's an article at Gamasutra on the future of gaming. It primarily focuses on predicting where massively multiplayer games will go. You can find the article here. It goes on for quite a bit, but hits a few familiar points that include Ultima Online and a type of "Elite Online" kind of game. Thanks to ATFW.

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Industry analyst Derwin Bedloe reports. Food manufacturers Yummichow Inc. yesterday revealed record losses for the third fiscal quarter. Chairman Alson Olver blamed the shortfall on the failure of the company's much-vaunted Munchums in the marketplace, as well as the disasterous Janus Incident, in which a convoy of three of the company's Monoloth transporters was hijacked by pirates, resulting in large quantities of Yummichow products being sold cheaply on the black market. Olver made a pledge to shareholders that a new and exciting product line-up for the fourth quarter would lift the company out of the doldrums.

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Gamespot has released another Readers' Choice feature. This time it's on top game endings. Wing Commander was the only series to grab two slots in the top ten. Wing Commander 3's award can be found here and Wing Commander 4's here. I noticed most of the fans quoted in the feature are regular CIC visitors. Keep up the good work. You guys definitely make a difference. And thanks to everyone who let us know about this.

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Dave "Midgard" Monson has just completed another design for Peter Telep at his official website. He will also be doing a Flash 4 piece soon. If you haven't been to in a while, you're in for a surprise. It looks pretty sharp. You can find the Official Peter Telep site here.

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I've got a few things here I've decided to condense into one single update.
  • It probably comes as no surprise that I get into conversations about Wing Commander with random people on the street all the time. So when I'm stuck in a dentist's chair for an hour, I can rather go off. And this time it made a difference. At my latest checkup my doctor was pleased to let me know he bought a copy of Wing Commander for the office. Now I can sleep at night knowing little kids getting their cavities filled can have some of their pain relieved with Wing Commander. If you're looking for a dentist around Seattle, Dennis Nordlund is cool.
  • There's lots of birthdays going on this weekend, two of which are going on right here. Happy Birthday Trelane and Hadrian!
  • And last but not least.. the new Super Soakers are appearing in stores! There are fourteen new kickass models going on sale this year and I've seen about half in Seattle stores so far. If you'd like to know more about them, check out And here's a really outdated picture of my Super Soaker shrine (I really need to take a picture of my Wing Commander shrine..).

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Medical disaster correspondent Hypp O'Crates reports. There's trouble at the Millground Alternative Therapies unit on Hades, where controversial Electro-conformity treatment has been taking place. The treatment, given to repeat criminal offenders, involves passing huge voltages of electricity through the patient's synapses. The tests have had mixed results; very few of the out-patients have re-offended, but given that the mortality rate has been around 40%, this is perhaps not overly surprising. Research continues, but more Platinum and Rhodium is required to make the precision electrodes required in the remedy.

Bored of Being Normal? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tired of looking just like every other damn citizen? Amen to that, brother. We at the Leary Medical Alteration Centre on Karatikus have devoted our lives to the unusual, the bizarre and the downright strange. Why not visit our beautiful planet where we can offer you the following body modifications:
  • Body Lengthening/Shortening (250 creds/10cm)
  • Extra Limbs/Organs (500 creds Arm of Leg, 750 creds Eye, Nose, Ear, 1500 creds other)
  • Your choice: No demand is too bizarre - tentacles, feathers, we'll do 'em all.

The Menacing Phantom Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

TAFKAW came across some Wing Commander mentions in the recent editions of the German PC Gamer:
Award: most unnoticed film premiere
Imagine, the directing debut of Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts enters the American cinemas - and nobody goes to see it. Everybody is waiting for Star Wars Episode 1. Result: Wing commander - The Movie flops. The film opens in Germany on 23/12/99

Will there be FMV in Freelancer? Oh god, no! Chris Roberts has learnt from the crappy Wing Commander movie and now uses 3D characters. What's the difference between Freelancer and Wing Commander? Freelancer is much, much bigger and doesn't attach you to linear missions. It actually reminds you more of a mix between ultima online and privateer.
And in 2025 we'll find out of Freelancer can live up to the hype...

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TAFKAW also found a neat CIC mention in the German PC Games magazine. Apparently we're in the mag's 'Unmissable Internet Sites' booklet:
The German PC Games also mentions in a booklet which came with the mag, called: "Unmissable internet sites." It's filed under the fan sites for wing commander 1-5. They also added a 'best-site-per-page' box to show you the best site on the page you're reading, unfortunately was beaten by the fan-site of Ultima 9. They also added as comments to : At you can await information and multiple details of all 5 parts of the space opera and side-kicks like Privateer. The movie as well. Fan-meetings and other 'schnik-schnak' (stuff), for example Kilrathi handwriting, are there.

Ratings (1-3 stars):
Actuallity (Originality?): ***
Information Available: ***
Design: **
Clearness: **

Total: ***

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Beth from ATFW sent us this:
At long last, the confirmations are in, and we can finally spread the word on who will be attending our next IRC multi-dev chat. I think we have a pretty solid line-up, with a nice mixture of game developers within the genre. Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, January 29, 2000
Time: 1 PM Eastern/6 PM GMT
Where: Gameslink IRC Network (IRC Client required)
Channel #space-sim
Guests: Representatives from Deep Space, Freespace 2, Parsec, Silent Space, Starlancer, Terminus, and UFS Vanguard
Format: The majority of the chat will be moderated, but there will also be an unmoderated period of time with the developers.

Specifically for you Lancers, here are the reps from Warthog:
Rob Taylor-Hendry -- Designer and Project Co-ordinator
Paul Hughes -- Lead Programmer
Phil Meller -- Designer and Art Manager
Nick Elms -- Designer and Team Leader
Complete chat info can be found here, and there's a servers list at Gameslink.

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Jack Bliteworthy writes. Police on Hephaestus are cracking down on a Nerve Toxin manufacturing ring. Suspicions were arounsed when a routine militia patrol encountered an unmarked Ogan-class transporter in a restricted airspace. Scanners revealed it to be loaded to the gunwhales with Leggatin A, a highly toxic substance favoured by many terrorist organizations. The smuggler was fired upon and destroyed, but large quantities of Nerve Toxins are reported to be freely available on the Hephaestus black market.

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A little more than a year after its initial creation, the wonderful CIC Mail Bag has returned for its third try at the public relations game. You can check out what we've cooked up this time here. We apologize to the thirty-eight people harmed in the creation of this week's Bag. If you have a ponderous question or would like to write a public letter to us, please send it in here. We'll try to update the section regularly again.

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BlackWolf sent in the following story summary for the upcoming Wing Commander Lost Universe fan made project. They plan to release more information soon.
The Orinomes created the Nephilim. After the Nephilim were defeated in WC:Secret Ops, they went to war with the Orinomes. After one of the battles marking the beginning of the Nephilim-Orinome War, Blair (alive and stuck in a distant region) proceeds into the unknown space and finds an ancient space station.

Searching the station he notices Latin writing and skeletal remains of humans. Accessing the computer database and translating it through his ship's computer system he learns through historical records of the background of these ancient space faring Terrans.

Suddenly, an alert sounds and his ship's computer identifies a battle carrier-type vessel unknown to him. However, the station's records identify the battle carrier as Orinome in origin. The Orinome soldiers quickly board the station and find Blair. Translating their conversation through a communications device Blair received news of the Nephilim and how they are at war with the Orinomes. Thus, lost in this unknown region of space, he makes an allegiance to the Orinomes.

Years later, the war between the Nephilim and Orinomes still goes on, but the Orinomes are about to lose. Blair, commander of an Orinome Fleet, decides to try and get a message through to Confederation space via a Nephilim array the Fleet stole months before. He sends a message through, asking for help...

By luck and chance, Captain Lance Casey receives the message. Others think it as a trap, but Casey tells them that if it IS Blair he is in need of help. Casey even appeals to Senator "Paladin" Taggart, and with his help strings are pulled. The TCS Wolf's Bane, a new type of ship, is ordered on her maiden voyage through the gateway. Paladin, Casey, Maniac and other old friends go along and upon going through the gateway they join up with Blair and his Alien Fleet.

Erm.. yeah.

Cereal Killers! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Jae Viril puts the 'one' in honesty. Scenes of death and destruction abounded yesterday outside the Brakkyfun cereal factory on Hermes. Trouble started when a batch of plastic toys to be included in packets of Adrenoflakes, the top children's cereal, were mixed up with a consignment of Military-issue microbombs. Family tragedies aplenty have resulted from the error, and armed 'n' angry relatives have laid siege to the factory, baying for blood. We tried to join in by buying a Firearm from a dodgy-looking geezer in a raincoat, but he said 'Theres-a no more guns to be had, hombre. Fancy some Warp Steroids?'

Movie Video Available in UK Today Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Global Video and other retailers (such as Black Star) in the United Kingdom are releasing the video version of Wing Commander today. You can find out more here. Be advised that it may be priced to rent however. If anyone finds any differences in the video/packaging/etc, feel free to drop us a line. And here's something interesting.. people who preordered Wing Commander at Black Star also bought..
1. Double Impact
2. Home Alone
3. Day Of The Dead
4. Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York
5. Braindead

Suspected Most Expensive Wing Commander Auction Ended Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

This may be the most expensive auction for a WC item yet (and it wasn't on eBay!). Jason Billingsly brought to our attention a very high-priced auction at It comes as no surprise it's for Kilrathi Saga. The final price was $335.00 US and there were 14 bids. The initial starting price was $9.99 US. You can find the details for this auction here. Also, an AuctionRover search shows 125 Wing Commander auctions net-wide. The market's pretty hot. A couple KS auctions have gone over $300 in the past, so if you have a record of one even more expensive than this, be sure to let us know.

German Version of Secret Ops Possible Again Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

If you missed the original release of Secret Ops, your primary recourse has been Prophecy Gold. But what if you would have taken advantage of the German version of Secret Ops? German Prophecy Gold was cancelled before it made it to the shelves. Now there's a solution. Karl Frank has developed and tested a procedure where you can use the complete download or Prohecy Gold version of Secret Ops to get full German subtitles and voices throughout the game (with the exception of the launcher and password screens). All you need (besides a full Secret Ops) is the German speech file (available at and the WCPLanguage program (available in Files). You can find the full instructions here (in German of course). This might be a good time to point out the translation software at AltaVista FYI. One other thing of note.. Karl found a bit of French coded into Secret Ops, although it pretty much crashes the game to use it. Hades tells me that's leftover stuff from WCP.

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This is a CIS official edict. All travellers are being strongely advised to avoid the Tanmu settlement on Karatikus, where a full-scale riot is currently in progress. A 200km exclusion zone has been established around the area, and any persons attempting ingress will be considered a sympathiser and dealth with accordingly.

New Book Entries to be Written Soon Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've received word from LOAF in Austin. He had a good trip, is checked into his dorm and classes start Tuesday, but it appears his video card is messed up so it may be a little while before he gets back to work here. Funny thing.. LOAF's now the third CIC staff member to have a major hardware failure in less than two weeks..

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I've finally gotten around to reading the Pilgrim Truth preview prologue. I can't wait to read on. You do need Acrobat to read the file, but it's definitely worth the download. Seeing the system names and times are magic. Anyhow, if you haven't read the chapter yet, you can find it at the official Peter Telep site.

Diddler plays a blinder! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Jurg Bellini reports. I'm reporting from the first Dart Tennis championships, being played here in the Eclogue Stadium on Bex. The level of competition has been admirable, considering the sport's brief history, and the final between Bjorn Diddler and Spike Brampton was one of the finest sporting events I have ever seen. Both contestants played to the utmost of their ability, tying the score at two sets apiece, when Diddler, who had sustained at least 14 minor injuries and lost a litre of blood, played an incredible smash that hit Brampton straight in the left eye, causing considerable cerebral lesion. Brampton retired hurt, and Diddler held up the cup to raptuous applause.

ETA: Two days Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's not long now until the WC Movie is available to rent in the UK, so now reviews are starting to appear. Here's one from today's copy of The Sun newspaper:
The hit computer game has been turned into a special-effects adventure that is sure to keep children more than happy on a miserable winter's day.
It is set in 2564 and Earth is caught in a brutal war with the Kilarthi, a vicious, bloodthirsty alien race.
They have captured a computer which they are planning to use to jump behind enemy lines and destroy the planet.
Freddie Prinze Jr and Matthew Lillard star as a couple of space pilots who set out to see off the Kilarthi and save the world.
Out to rent on monday (Fox Pathe).
Rating: 7 out of 10
Tch. "Kilarthi" and "2564." Despite the various little mistakes in the review, it obtained the highest rating this week.

Oh, What A Performance! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Says Lucy Stultus. Mums! Are your offspring driving you beyond the levels of socially-permitted abnormal behaviour with their petulance and whining? Don't you just wish that there was a wholesome and cheap form of entertainment could divert their hyperactive minds for more than three minutes? Then perhaps you should consider visiting Jacques, performance artist par excellence. With his traditional blanched face and bobbly hat, Jacques will keep them quiet for ages with his repertoire of classic mime, such as 'Man walking in the wind', 'Where did these walls come from?', and 'The Rape of the Sabine Women'. Don't delay, see Jacques today!

Yesteryear's Games Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Gamespot's Question of the Week, 'Are games better now than they used to be?' includes a Wing Commander mention. You can find that here. Thanks to ATFW.

The Buttock's Biggest Bash! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Randy Yelp, socialite scribbler, writes. Well, I'm here at rock legends The Buttock Men's biggest party of all time, being held to celebrate lead singer Zak Skintight's 50th birthday. There's at least 75,000 people here in Zak's palatial mansion on Hermes, each choking down as much Bex Beer and Warp Steroids as they can get their hands on. As I write Zak is performing an impromptu number on the Nuclear Banjo while drinking a gallon jug of Beer through a straw up his nose. The question is, how long can it last? The party's been going on for two months already, amd guests are clamouring out for more entertainment. What do you think, Zak? 'It's a bit of a larf, init'.

Clive Owen Mini-trivia Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

In this week's "What's on TV?", a British TV guide, there is a competition with Clive Owen being the subject of all of the questions. Give it a go.. spot the one statement which isn't true:
  • Clive Owen first shot to fame in the 1990 TV series Chancer, playing dealer Stephen Crane.
  • Born in Coventry, Clive's parents split when he was very young and he didn't meet his father until he was 19.
  • A reluctant heart-throb, Clive is happily married to Sarah Jane and has two children, Hannah and Eve.
  • Clive's biggest TV break has been starring as Gary in Men Behaving Badly.
  • In 1996, Clive went to Hollywood to make the movie Rich Man's Wife with American star Halle Berry.
If you think you know the odd one out, mail me. I'll post the correct answers at the weekend. The closing date for the magazine competition is 21 January, so you'll still have plenty of time to enter if you can get hold of a copy of the magazine. The magazine prize is £100 (US$160). The CIC prize is.. uhm.. an honorable mention.

Purchase a Money Order Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Are you not from the US? Are you tired of missing out on Wing Commander auctions because the seller demands a money order which would never reach him in time? Do you have a credit card? If the answer to all three questions was yes, you'll want to visit Bidpay is a US company that mails a money order to the seller for a small fee ($5 US for amounts up to $100), and charges the total amount to your credit card. It's fast, cheap, and safe. The recipient has to be a US citizen, but the service is available worldwide. They support a number of popular auction sites like eBay and Amazon.

Eggs-ecution! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Anne Di. Bakker blathers on again. Armed strife has broken out on the planet of Karatikus between rival paleontological groups. Trouble started following the discovery of a 10,000 year old Crian Megalodon egg at the Ganti fossil dig. One group, lead by Professor Eric Maenad, declared the egg should be opened at the big end, whereas Dr. Aftas Wift's faction, the so-called 'Little-endians', argued the opposite. A fierce debate ending in members of both parties shooting at eachother, and the Ganti dig has been declared a no-go zone by local authorities. There is reportedly a shortage of Firearms on the Black Market as a result.

AOL k-line Lifted Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A while back we reported that AOL users were being blocked from DALnet irc. It's recently been learned that the whole-isp k-line has been removed. We don't know whether AOL or DALnet succumbed, but my personal guess is with the latter. Anyhow, access is now opened up to Wing Commander DALnet channels such as #Wingnut and to Wing Commander rpgs such as (if they choose DALnet to host a game).

Our Daily Crid Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Sorry for the spotty updates these last couple days.. a combination of things here is the cause. LOAF's on his way to Austin, it's one of those times of year for school/college things and that yucky flu/cold bug everyone is talking about has bitten some of us. Anyhow, we're still working here, but it might take a little longer to reply to emails and so forth.

Interplanetary Congress Pledges More Money for CIS Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Aubrey Teller writes. Speaker Blake Muttner yesterday announced that the Interplanetary Congress had decided to up CIS funding by 17.5% in response to a percieved growth in crime. Muttner said of the plan, 'While crime in some areas, specifically piracy, has decreased, on a broad scale there is a definite swell in legal infractions. Increased funding will allow the CIS to operate on a much wider scale, allowing them to establish departments and facilities that simply do not exist at the present time.' CIS Director Shiela Nabokov was said to be pleased at the news.

Grayson Burrows Loves His SB Live Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Georgios Hrivatakis from agwc got the ball rolling on this one. If you're trying to get Privateer to work on your Sound Blaster Live, here's how to do it. Download the latest LiveWare (version 3) from the Creative Labs website and install them. LiveWare 3 includes better a better SB16 DOS emulator. Next, take a look at your config.sys file. Look for the EMM line. It should be DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE RAM 16384. Rebooting to DOS should do it, but you may need a bootdisk. You should now have music, speech and sound effects in Privateer!

Wing Commander Kicks Competition's Ass Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Remember Gamer's Central Millennium Games poll we reported on a while ago? We decided to check back for some results. And here they are:
  • Wing Commander 66.1%
  • X-Wing Series 16.6%
  • Freespace 1/2 7.2%
  • Privateer 1/2 6.6%
  • Descent Series 3.3%
All together Wing Commander received almost 75% of the votes. Strike Commander dominates the Combat Sim category with almost 50%. You can still cast your vote here.

Damn that Dam! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Lara J. Righteous pulls no punches.Architect Zimzam Edific was in hiding last night, following the collapse of his much-vaunted Pistak dam on Hephaestus yesterday morning. Edific, notorious for his use of unconventional building materials, had decided to use Naval issue hard-tack biscuit for the project, claiming 'I've been in the Navy, mate, and that stuff's bloody indestructible'. Alas, he was proved very wrong, and approximately 15 million cubic units of water has flooded the Pistak valley, killing 2,500 innocent citizens, and rendering thousands more homeless. Any trader willing to ship some Fresh Water off-planet can expect a warm reception.

Pilgrim Truth Section Open for Business Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Since there is beginning to be more and more Pilgrim Truth information available, yet it is still a ways off, we've devoted a section to summarize some of what we know so far. You can find the new Pilgrim Truth section here.

File Space Request Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We had a lot of success thanks to a lot of nice Wing Commander fans in the past, so we're asking again if anyone has server space/bandwidth to spare for an additional few hundred megabytes. It's really flexible, all or part/all at once or gradual upload of what we currently have in Files and Music. We're going to be reworking some stuff soon and may need to reduce our space/bandwidth. Hosting these two sections would go a long way to helping us out. If anyone thinks they may be able to help in any way or has any questions, let us know. All offers will be considered. You can get ahold of us here. Thanks.

Two Cheap Places Now Available Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As expected, DVD Box Office has extended its free shipping offer on all DVDs, including the $20 Wing Commander movie. There's also an interesting deal at Video-Now however. There you get free shipping if you buy two titles. At $18.88 for each copy of the WC movie, Video-Now is now the cheapest place to buy two copies of the DVD. You can find this info and more in our Where to Buy section.

Our Daily Crid Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Take a minute to think, are there any files on your computer which are important? Is there anything that can't be easily replaced? Back those files up now! I've been really lucky recovering from a hard drive failure this week, but the odds were against me. Fortunately I'm mostly back to work now however.

Cannibal horror as hundreds starve on Hephaestus Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Yosser Wilkins is on the scene. Hephaestus Militia patrols the streets following incidents of murder and cannibalism after crop failure causes extensive food shortages. 2,093 citizens have been reported missing, and several have been arrested following BinBots reporting human remains being deposited in them. Food imports are urgently requested to try and stem the planet's descent into chaos. 'I just had to eat, man' one wild-eyed loon told us as he was dragged off by the police.

It's Here! It's Finally Here! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Richard J. Bowden sent word that he has just put up the prologue of Pilgrim Truth on Peter Telep's official website! Unfortunately the novel won't be released until around the end of the year. The coverart will most likely be done by Josh "MaddHattr" Allen, who has done all of Peter's artwork so far.

Bugs of Steele Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Steele Aerospace has been updated again, this time with screenshots of his Tiamat Dreadnought conversion for X-Wing. A large number of impressive conversions (like the Midway and Behemoth) is available from his website.

Would You Bet The Family Jewels? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

New! On the Deltagam channel! The show that everyone's talking about! 'You Bet Your Genitals'starts tonight, at 1900hrs Standard Anhur Time. Hosted by the irrepressible Charlie Catchphrase, this is a quiz show with a difference; answer the questions right, and you could find yourself winning prizes such as a holiday villa on Janus, a luxury cruise round all three systems, or the star prize of 15 million credits! However, answer the questions wrong and our resident doctor will apply chronic leasions to your genitals, rendering them inoperable beyond the salvation of medical science. It's eyewatering fun aplenty, so watch the show that's anything but sterile!

Finally Gone... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I am finally heading to Texas, see you all next month. Be sure to send news here instead of my personal address.
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CGW Vote that Actually Counts! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Gamespot is holding a Top 40 recent game poll here. You get to pick ten different games, and Wing Commander: Prophecy Gold is one of the options! The results will be printed in the next issue of CGW. Remember, you can vote for 10 titles, but how would you feel if one of the other games you voted for made it to the finals and Wing Commander didn't?
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FLASH WARNING... FLASH WARNING... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

This is a CIS official edict. All travellers are being strongely advised to avoid the Tanmu settlement on Karatikus, where a full-scale riot is currently in progress. A 200km exclusion zone has been established around the area, and any persons attempting ingress will be considered a sympathiser and dealth with accordingly.
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Game Ideas Ranked by the Master Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Snake sends this translation of an article in the latest PC Games. The 'experienced designers' apparently include Chris Roberts.
Designers Evaluate Reader Ideas

You have a great idea for a game, but no one wants to have it? We do! PC Games makes it possible: You know what game plays best, have the concept for a potential hit in the bag and don't know what to do? We submit your idea to an experienced designer, who comments on them personally and evaluates them in PC Games. This is no false modesty: sketch your concept in a letter, and we'll take over. Make certain to send a real concept, complete with sketched levels, characters, a background history and such things. Postcards with things like "a mixture of Half Life and Commander and Conquer" do not meet this requirement.

Send the concept and the name of the desired designer to:

COMPUTEC MEDIA AG, Redaktion PC Games,
Stichwort: Leserideen, Roonstraße21, 90429 Nürnberg

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Translation Correction Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Nighthawk notes that "Der Preis der Freiheit" means "The Price of Freedom" in German -- not False Colors as reported yesterday. The book listed at, however, lists Andrew Keith, and not Ben Ohlander, as the co-author. Which makes everything very confusing...
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Out of the Woods Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Word from Chris! Attempts to regain lost data on his doomed hard drive have been successfull! He's now working hard to set up everything again and get back online. Very good news...
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Suffering From Uncomfortable Seat Sores? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's every pilot's curse... You sit, glued in the cockpit, for three hours as you battle off a horde of marauding pilots, only to spend the rest of your journey with an aching back and red raw buttocks. Well, no longer! Comfi-rear Inc. bring you the OrthoChair, that will gently massage your aches and soothe your soreness while you can get on with making sure your cargo gets through. The OrthoChair, featuring Micro-Shiatsu technology. Only 999 creds.
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Get Well Soon Chris! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Unfortunately CIC staff member Chris Reid is having some technical problems -- namely, his Hard Drive has backfired on him. Because of this there will be no trivia this week. Hope you're back online soon, Chris!
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I Am Outtahere! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Well, its taken longer than I expected, but I'm finally off to school... here's to hoping I actually make it this time. I'll hopefully be back on-line early next month! Feel free to look me up if you're in Austin, though. Abyssinia!
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T Minus 20 Days? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Peter Telep's official web site now has count-down timers for each of his upcoming books. The surprise? Pilgrim Truth is listed as just 26 days away. The counters do include the disclamer: "The countdown to the release of the books are estimates only, due to the publisher and the author", though.
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Where's Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Since several people have posted at various places wondering about this: what was once has joined the Vault Network moved to
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Future of Gaming Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Eurogamer has an article on the 'Future of Gaming', which deals with the Massively Multiplayer phenomena. (Again, from ATFW).
When Ultima Online became Origin's most profitable game ever, they made the decision to ditch single player entirely and instead produce only multiplayer games in future.

Given that Origin was best known for the Ultima and Wing Commander series, which had always been single player only in the past, this was something of a leap of faith. But if the current stampede of online games is anything to go by, it looks as if their faith in multiplayer gaming will be rewarded.

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A Look Back at Privateer Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

ATFW's reporting everything these days. Federation HQ is running a serious of 'Blast from the Past' articles -- and the first game up is Privateer. Read all about it here. It'll make you feel good...
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False Colors Translation Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter now lists the Germany translation of Wing Commander: False Colors (entitled Der Preis der Freiheit) as an upcoming 2000 release. Read about it here.
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Wing Commander Becomes a Jeopardy Question Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today's answer on the 2000 Jeopardy day-by-day calander is "Wing Commander III features this Luke Skywalker Actor." You probably know the answer... but it's cool to see WC in print.
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Boys Life Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

AGWC regular Jeff MacHott reports that former Wing Commander author William Forstchen has written a short story, "Jamboree 3000", which appears in the latest issue of Boys Life (The official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America). Says MacHott, "a story about a boy scout from the planet Vestrain going to a Jamboree on Earth in the year 3000. It's interesting (It has an illustration of the alien boy using an iMac as part of his "Ancient Computers" Merit Badge), though it's not as good as any of Forstchen's Wing Commander books". How very, very odd.
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Altairian Rindpest hits Hermes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tony Knox reports. The dreaded Altarian Rindpest, scourge of Livestock farmers everywhere, has struck on Hermes. Huge Livestock losses have occurred, as farmers are forced to put down all afflicted animals to prevent the epidemic from spreading. Importas are urgently required.
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Return of the Chat Zone Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The Chat Zone is back. We've just completed the installation of an updated version of the infamous Ultimate Bulletin Board. Apart from the obvious Y2K fix, the latest version comes with a number of new features. We still have to customize the layout and graphics, but everything should be up and running. Unfortunately we lost the old posts and user data. You will have to register again. If you encounter any irregularities, or if you have suggestions, please let me know.

Yes Sir, That's High Baby Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Lynn Guini tells it like it is. CIS officials yesterday confirmed that notorious interplanetary Brain Implant dealer 'Baby' Johnson was at large somewhere on the planet of Bex. Johnson, one of the system's most feared criminals outside of the Kindred, is infamous for his devotion to Brain Implants. This is reflected in his modus operandi, which usually sees him trying to monopolise all Brain Implant supply on a given planet. CIS spokesmen are already reporting an increase in the street value of Brain Implants, a sure sign of Johnson at work.

Chat Zone Under Reconstruction Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As of now the Chat Zone is no more, sorry for the lack of warning, but we needed to get moving on this. We're upgrading the Chat Zone right now, and this can be a complex process. But when it comes back online it will have neato new features in addition to Y2K compliance. We're working on getting it up as soon as possible, but please be patient. In the mean time, we have a number of other good web-based Wing Commander Chat Zones linked from here and there's also the Wing Commander newsgroup.

Minor Wing Commander Mention by Garriott Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

GamePen recently conducted an interview with top Origin guy Richard Garriott. He doesn't say anything specific, but here he makes a reference to not making his new game too sci-fi because it would infringe on Wing Commander. This is just another one of a great many direct and indirect references by top officials that a new Wing Commander game is in the works.

Statistics Debate Rages On Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A report by Krispin Barosso. The debate between Crius Entertainment Secretary Noel Dibley and 'Sacred Life' campaigner Mary Brazeel rages on. Brazeel is pushing hard for the banning of Deathball, the system's favourite sport, syaing it is saacrilegious and immoral; a poll she has conducted amongst memebrs of her parish shows that 97% of them find the sport offensive and wrong. Dibley has consistently countered by saying over 900 million people regularly watch the game, which generates in excess of 300 billion credits per annum, and if people are going to volunteer to kill or be killed by other people in the name of entertainment then he isn't going to stop them.

Happy New Year! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We made it! No serious casualties, but you may notice the Chat Zone has a few oddities for the time being. We're working on addressing those. We also figured out what happens to the CIC when eBay is down. Anyhow, we hope everyone had a fun and safe evening. And this should be a great year for all of us. That date up there sure looks weird.
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New WC RPG Site Opens Tonight Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Shaun Rashid wanted us to make sure everyone knows that the new Wing Commander RPG site at will be updated at 11:59 pm EST tonight. There are always people from the RPG in #WCRPG on dalnet if you'd like to find out more (instructions for finding #WCRPG would be similar to those for getting into #Wingnut).
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Eurogamer's Take on the Times Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Eurogamer has a feature on the millennium, like all gaming sites it seems, called "Millennium for Gamers." They mention Elite as a critical game for the genre and say that Privateer owes it a debt here. Ultima Online is also credited here. They confirm that UO is Origin's most profitable game ever and provide one more in a long list of solid indications that the next Wing Commander game will be "online." Thanks to ATFW.
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Corpulent Competition Causes Chaos Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Our correspondent, Adrian Spam, gives you the lowdown. This year's Mr. Fatman competition has caused mayhem on the planet of Crius. A record number of competitors managed to eat their way through almost all of the planet's food supplies, leading to widespread famine. Unfortunately, food supplies ran out before the competition finished, so last year's winner, 'Hollow Legs' McGinty, retains the crown. We asked him for a comment, but he just belched in our reporter's face.
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