Happy Halloween Update ID

The staff here at the CIC would like to wish everyone who celebrates a happy Halloween today. One final reminder, today is also the last day of the internet episodic release of Secret Ops. The next big projects to look forward to are the movie and upcoming nov els. Stay tuned here for the news as it breaks.

The CIC Wants YOU! Update ID

One of the coolest non-computer games has got to be the Wing Commander CCG. We aim to change all that... the CIC is looking for anybody with programming experience and way too much time on their hands to work on an online version of the Wing Commander Customizable Card Game. Anyone interested in lending a hand should contact Cpl Hades for more information.

I Really Need a Vacation... Update ID

Well, it's that time of the year... school and the CIC have taken their toll and left me kinda burnt out. That said, I'm heading to Austin, Texas to look at school there in the hopes that I'll end up there next year. Of course, I may also visit somewhere else... I'll bring back pictures! Don't expect any updates from me until Wednesday night at the earliest.

CGW Ranks Gold Update ID

The new issue of Computer Gaming World (December, 1998)'s cover article, Holiday Hot 100, features Wing Commander Prophecy Gold as the #5 Space Sim for this year. Gold trails I-War, Heavy Gear II, Starsiege and Descent Freespace... read their comments on Gold below.
The age-old space-sim series makes this list again. This title was No.1 on last year's list, and it's still a great WING COMMANDER game. It features gameplay reminiscent of earlier WING COMMANDER games, has less annoying FMV, and sports some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen in a space sim. By the time you read this the GOLD EDITION, which includes both the original release and SECRET OPS (the stand-alone expansion pack that was released on the Internet), will be available in stores. This complete packages is a good pick for WING COMMANDER fans.

Means to an End Update ID

A remind for those dragging their heals, Secret Ops will no long be available for download after October 31st, which is tommorrow. Grab it while you can!

This Just In! Update ID

Amazon.com has also added information on the upcoming Wing Commander Movie novels! Entries have been added for the normal novel and the Junior adaption. Both books are listed as having a release date of March, 1999, as opposed to the earlier January date. The Junior Novelization (ISBN 0-061-06556-0) sells for a cheap $3.99.

Yet Another DVD Kit Update ID

Gamespot reports that Creative Labs' new 5X Encore DVD kit includes Wing Commander IV DVD. The 5X Encore is Creative's newest version of their kickass Encore DVD. Owning one of the originals myself, I can vouch for its high quality as well as the incredible coolness of WCIV DVD. Check out Gamespot's writeup here. Future Creative DVD products will include Wing Commander Prophecy DVD.

Movie Site Delayed Update ID

Dan from Dan's Wing Commander Movie Site (I am so going to miss saying that) reports that the official Wing Commander Movie site may be delayed a bit longer. Be sure to note that the delay isn't Dan's fault -- his job is basically complete, he's just waiting on Digital Anvil. Apparenty they want different screenshots used, as well as a different version of the trailer. The current version reportedly uses some unauthorized music. Dan himself has completed the site design, and without even having seen it I can pretty much assuredly say that it's going to rule.

Did You Win? Update ID

Just moments ago, the winners of the CIC's Ultimate Secret Ops Trivia Contest were announced in #WingNut! For those of you who couldn't attend, here are the winners : Game One runners up, who each win patches are: Sean Scally, Jared Herring, Adam Betz, Joseph Huang, Jonathan Lantzy. Game Two runners up, who also win patches are : Warrior, Ronald J. Rosina, Patrick L. Bertiaux, Jeremiah Yzaguirre, Steve Munz. The winner of the copy of WCP autographed by Mark Hamill (Blair) is Dwight Booher. Jumpsuit winners are Luke Granlund, Ryan Hyper Haggerty. And the grand prize of the leather jacket worn by Maniac in WCP was won by Philip Langdale. Congratulations to all who won, and if you did win, please contact the CIC as soon as possible with mailing details so we can arrange to send out your prize.

Music for the Eyes Update ID

Do you often find yourself wondering, how much better can WinAmp skins get? Well, this is it, the coolest WC WinAmp skin ever. Heck, it's better than almost every others skin out there. It even changes the look of the playlist and equalizer! This wonderful creation comes from Phillip "Eqo.Z" Fischer, and is a must for any mp3 playing Wing Commander fan. I just can't get over how incredibly good it looks... check out the screenshot below if you don't trust me... (and to prove that I actually use the thing (G)). Grab ICIS Amp here. Be sure to have WinAmp 2.0 or greater, or some of the features will not be accessible.

Now's Your Last Chance Update ID

If you've been putting it off, now is your last chance to participate in the CIC Ultimate Trivia game. Click here for details. Don't forget to stop by #Wingnut on DALnet to join is the celebration of announcing the winners. The chat begins at 8 pm EST. Remember, we can only ship prizes to United States addresses because of legal reasons. One last thing, on our #Wingnut page we recommend the server "viper.mo.us.dal.net." There is a chance it may be down tomorrow, in that case, our second recommendation would be "stlouis.mo.us.dal.net."

Small Packages Update ID

Yay, all that Secret Ops registration did have a purpose... got the following e-mail about Prophecy Gold. They still haven't fixed the carrier/cruiser thing, though.
Subject: Wing Commander: Prophecy GOLD

From: Prophecy Gold Announcement (wing_commander@listserv.owo.com)

To: Secret Ops Player (wing_commander@listserv.owo.com)

ORIGIN is proud to announce the release of Wing Commander: Prophecy GOLD. Delivering all the space-action combat of both Wing Commander: Prophecy and Wing Commander: Secret Ops, in one box. This complete epic features the gripping story line that has made Wing Commander the top selling space combat series, more than 100 pulse-pounding missions of award-winning game play, new rapid-fire weapons and Confed's latest "quick-strike" carrier - The Cerberus!

Check out Wing Commander: Prophecy GOLD, now available at a retail store near you! Or point your browser to http://www.prophecygold.com for more information.

Help Wanted, Privateer 3 & The Future Update ID

"We are searching for a talented and experienced Lead Programmer to work on a massively multiplayer game based in the Wing Commander universe." reads the want ads at Origin's web page -- how often does a simple sentance so reveal so much of the future? Origin is looking for eight experienced people to join the Maverick team. The project? While we've heard no official confirmation, A Talent For War is reporting that this 'massive multiplayer' game is none other than Privateer 3. Time will tell, and it's going to be a very good time... Below are links to the job requirements and names of the positions at Origin. There was also another interesting tidbit at the jobs page... "ORIGIN Will have a booth at the upcoming Westech Career Expo (High tech employment opportunities). Come on down and see us on Tuesday & Wednesday, October 27, 28 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. & 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Palmer Auditorium, 400 South First Street, Austin, TX." Damned shame I'm not heading to Texas earlier...

A Pair of Aces Update ID

Gamecenter posted a couple of articles on Wing Commander. Check out an article on the release of Prophecy Gold here and an article on the current controversy surrounding the Maverick team here.

Vega Superstar Update ID

Lady Whisper posted the below news over at Worlds of Origin... it details Digital Anvil's descision to use a new type of 3D rendering software in creating the FX for the Wing Commander Movie.
Alias|Wavefront today announced that entertainment company Digital Anvil is using the company's Maya(TM) 3D modeling and animation software for the upcoming movie, Wing Commander. The Maya technology is being used to create 260 computer-generated effects, equaling an entire outer-space environment. Digital Anvil chose Maya for the project because it was the best available software in terms of productivity and the quality of the final rendered images, according to facility producer, Eric Alba. Wing Commander is a live-action drama directed by Digital Anvil CEO and founder Chris Roberts, who created the highly popular Wing Commander computer game series. The movie, which combines state-of-the-art, sci-fi visual effects with elements of a classic World War II film, is based on story-lines, characters and other creative elements from the first four games in the Wing Commander series. Production designer Peter Lamont, who received an Academy Award for his art direction work on James Cameron's Titanic, has created a retro-future world for the Wing Commander movie that includes extraordinary spaceships, the hangar deck of an intergalactic spacecraft carrier, and a number of other immersive alien and confederate environments. Digital Anvil fully expects Lamont's work on Wing Commander to be of the same award-winning quality as what he did for Titanic. "Judging from the astounding visuals that he has created for Wing Commander, Lamont's Titanic Oscar may only be his first," said Marten Davies, president of Digital Anvil. Digital Anvil is using Maya to ensure that the world Lamont envisions is as stunning in the final product as it is in concept. "The images rendered in Maya are absolutely beautiful," said Alba. "They are the most realistic we have ever seen." Digital Anvil has hired a team of accomplished professionals, formerly of award-winning companies such as Boss Films, Rhythm & Hues and Digital Domain, to bring Lamont's vision to the screen, entirely in 3D and entirely using Maya. This esteemed team of sequence supervisors includes Chris Olivia, Steve Cummings, Eric Tablada, Mike McNeil, and Mark Lambert. Artists started building preproduction models last fall, when the company participated in Alias/Wavefront's extensive beta testing program for the new software. Alba said, "Committing to a 1.0 release of a program in any capacity can be a risk, and for a feature film, where time is money, it could be suicidal. But we had beta tested Maya and knew it was the best out there. We've had great support from Alias|Wavefront, and the first release of Maya has performed exceptionally well. There is no question that Maya is the best way to go for this movie." High Productivity Required Digital Anvil has a relatively small group of 20 artists working on this huge project, so maximizing productivity is vital. Maya was designed to boost productivity, through its user interface, the integration of its tools, and the ease with which it can be customized. Digital Anvil is taking advantage of all of these features to meet the release date for Wing Commander. The Maya user interface lets the artists work in whatever way they are most comfortable. Explained Chris Olivia, visual effects artist at Digital Anvil, "We have a lot of people who are working together for the first time, and everyone has his own way of doing things. Maya's interface is flexible enough for all of us." Artists who have used other modeling and animation programs appreciate the intuitive nature of the Maya interface, according to Olivia. "It takes fewer steps to produce something in Maya, and it's easier to move around in it quickly, thanks to things like user-configurable Marking Menus," he said. Maya's unmatched integration is another feature of the software that enhances productivity. All the tools the artists need are available within Maya-modeling, animation, lighting, and particle generation. No time is wasted moving data between programs. "Maya is built for people like us who are doing visual effects," said Olivia. "It has everything we need and everything is easily accessible." Digital Anvil has taken advantage of the ability to customize Maya to simplify recurrent tasks, such as having missiles fire from different space ships. Using the Maya scripting and command language, MEL (Maya Embedded Language), Digital Anvil created a script that causes a window to appear on the screen when an artist wants to launch a missile. After he enters a few parameters, Maya automatically creates the animation sequence that causes a missile to fire. Scripts such as this contribute to productivity by freeing artists from repetitive tasks.

Did The Earth Movie For You Too? Update ID

Rocker, who recently attended a Wing Commander Movie Expo in Luxemburg, was kind enough to take pictures and scan them in for us! Check out these shots of sets and storyboards from the Wing Commander Movie...

Fake It Update ID

Dissapointed about the fiction not being on the Gold CDs? Well, somebody was good enough to do something about it! I suppose he actually did it a few days before Gold came out, and I just haven't tried it until now, but Karl "CFF" Frank has made an offline version of the Secret Ops web site. What he's created is a variant of the SO site which unpacks itself on your hard drive, and allows you to look at it without having to log online. He's even remembered to include things like the original trailer! Due to legal reasons he's unable to include the fiction in the initial download, but instructions for what you need to save to your hard drive are included in the download package. Grab your copy of this amazing program here.

Gold Guide (Not) Revisited Update ID

Rumor floating around online is that the Prophecy Gold official guide is now available. This is NOT true, as we reported some months ago there will be no official guide for this latest Wing Commander. (Thanks to WCN for starting this rumor!)

A Lengthy Endeavour Update ID

According to the newly added False Colors section at Amazon.com the book (set to be released by Baen this January) will be 480 pages long. This will make it the longest WC novel to date, and all indications are that it will be one of the best. Isn't it cool how FC stuff is finally showing up after all these years?

Can of (Good) Worms Update ID

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was about time we cracked open a Prophecy Gold box! I grabbed my copy of Prophecy Gold at a local Best Buy (Maryland, USA). At first glance it appeared to have the same box as Prophecy, except with a different color background. A later comparison revealed that it's actually new art -- the Vampire is at a slightly different angle and the backround is an explosion rather than a jump opening. The inside flap of the box has been changed, and rather than a big picture of the Midway and her fighter wing it has various scenes of CGI with interesting little captions. "Alien threat neutralized", "Confed forces secure the Ella system", "Integrated Combat Information System", "Confed Murphy class Destroyer" and "Alien Marlin class Cruiser" appear, Marlin being the original planned name for the Hydra. Oops... A bit of dissapointment inside the box -- no incredible map. I could have really used another one. Other than a lack of map, the box contained a registration card, card advertising Ultima Ascension and Fighter pilot, reference card, 140 page flight manual and CD box. The flight manual is particularly cool, it has the original ICIS documentation, added information for Secret Ops (similar to the 'pre fiction', with letters from Paladin and orders for the Cerberus). The manual has been beefed up with COMPLETE specifications for all the guns and Confederation ships in Prophecy and Secret Ops. Very cool, they even got the designation for the Thunderbolt right. The game itself consists of four CD's with new artwork, each marked Prophecy Gold or Secret Ops. As far as I can tell the contents of the CDs themselves are the same as their original versions. Biggest dissapointment: no fiction on the SO CD. Rather there's a link to the SO web site, which probably means that the fiction will indeed stay up after the episodes. All in all, Gold was worth the price, especially with the beefed up manual. Grab yourself a copy as soon as you can.

Gold Rush Update ID

I, like many of you, have been searching high and low for the illusive Prophecy Gold. I've visited some ten local computer stores, some several times, this week. Many places are simply awaiting their first shipment. There are indications that would lead us to believe the game were delayed, the Electronics Boutique link from the bottom of the Prophecy Gold website no longer works and I hadn't heard of any EB anywhere getting their first shipment. Plus, the Babbages/Software Etc/Super Software chain of stores all report they wont get it until November 2. But alas, it is out there! We're beginning to receive reports that a number of Best Buys and a rare Electronics Boutique have it and hopefully that means the other stores will soon follow as well.

For A Limited Time Only! Update ID

The Secret Ops Site now reports that the game will only be available until the end of October. This finalizes Origin's original comment that Secret Ops would be available for a limited time only. The exact text:
The Internet episodic release of SecretOps will end on October 31st, 1998.

It Never Ends Update ID

Baen has put up the 'back cover' text for False Colors... check it out below.
MORE WAR . . .

A desperate attack on the Kilrathi homeworld had succeeded in destroying the entire planet, including the Emperor and his warlords. The surviving Kilrathi, on warships and on their colony worlds were hopelessly demoralized and had sued for peace. The catlike warrior race was no longer a threat to Earth and its colonies. Thirty-five years of war had finally come to an end, bringing peace in our time. They thought....

The reality was more ominous. There were still plenty of independent Kilrathi warlords surviving, commanding a formidable array of warships and weaponry. Some wanted revenge on the apes who had destroyed the sacred homeworld, some wanted to set up their own new empires, and some were simply content to go pirate, raiding human colonies at will. But back on Earth, the war-weary people and their leaders turned a deaf ear to reports of Kilrathi belligerence, preferring to look forward to a peaceful and prosperous future.

But it was only the calm before a new storm....

Play It Again, Sam Update ID

Karl "CFF" Frank has released a patch for Secret Ops allowing the player to revert the game back to its original episode 1 format (so as to allow those who have installed later updates the ability to get the episode 1 passwords). Grab the English version here or the German version here.

Do It Yourself Update ID

The man best known as HCl has released a WC3/4/Armada to WCP/SO converter, so as to allow other people to continue his work converting ships to the vision engine. HCl himself will unfortunatly be quite busy for the next several months, but was kind enough to leave us all this. The download includes the newest version of WCPEdit, the WC4 file format and ready-for-conversion models of the Vindicator and Longbow. Grab it here.

Waiting for Goldot Update ID

I did some investigative reporting today (okay, I went shopping), looking into the imminent arrival of Prophecy Gold. According to Electronic Boutique it should be in tommorow. Babbages says they should have it by next week, and CompUSA was, as usual, clueless. Anyway, I'm gonna be away for a day or two, but I'm hoping to have a brand new copy of Gold to talk about when I get back on Friday evening.

The Bear That's A Cat? Update ID

Once again, The One True God, or as he prefers to be called, HCl has released yet another fighter patch for Secret Ops! This time it's a Bearcat, so download the patch here, read the instructions inside the ZIP, and away you go.

What a Tangled Web... Update ID

The following article appeared at Gamespot today, detailing recent changes in the Maverick team. We should stress that this 'panic' seems to occur after EVERY Wing Commander game comes out, and Origin has NEVER lied to us about what's going on. Trust what they say, and NOT Gamespot's sources.
Rod Nakamoto, formerly of Origin System's elite Maverick team (consisting of Wing Commander/Privateer designers and programmers), is said to be setting up a new development studio in Austin, Texas. GT Interactive is bankrolling the new studio, sources tell GameSpot News. The new company will see Nakamoto - who was the executive producer on Prophecy - and about five other former Maverick team members as the core of the new operation.

GT would not comment on the tip and said only that it is "continually seeking to build its internal studios."

Sources have told GameSpot News that as many as 15 Origin staffers have left the Maverick team, although Origin says that number is less - and that of the ten or so Origin staffers who have recently left Origin, only a portion of those have come from the Maverick team.

Origin says Origin-ite Andy Hollis has taken over as executive producer of Maverick, and the team is hard at work. Hollis will remain executive producer of Origin Skunk Works, Origin says.

Get Your Hands on a 'Stick Update ID

Gene Tang (who's epic fiction will soon be archived at this site) writes to inform our readers that the aforementioned Joystick (mit SecretOps) is available in Quebec as well as the aforementioned France.

It Is Time... Update ID

The French got it, the Germans got it, the British got it... feeling like Privateer 2 all over again? Americans need wait no longer, for the newest PC Gamer has hit the stands, complete with the Secret Ops starter.

Boxed In Update ID

In case you haven't seen it yet (shades of NBC's awful ads for summer reruns), here's the Prophecy Gold box... differs a bit from what's shown at the end of every SecretOps episode.

Have You Seen Them All? Update ID

(Before reading this Update, beware, possible game spoilers) Seen the ending to Secret Ops? Want more? There are three game endings to SO. The most common one occurs when you destroy the Command Ship, another happens when you destroy the Accretion Device and a third is available if you take too long to destroy the Command Ship (about eight minutes after your arrival at Nav 1). You'll be recalled to the Cerberus and view a third cutscene.

It's a Hit! Update ID

Boomer posted some cool stuff about the success of Secret Ops over at alt.games.wing-commander. He also complimented the CIC, so being the vain fellow I am I had to put it all up... (grin).
Sorry I haven't been more... 'active'. I've been here (and on wcnews), just mostly lurking tho. Things just seemed to be going along fine without my meddling ;)

But thanks for the thanks. And thanks for allowing us some 'hiccups'. Being the 1st time anyone has done something like this I'm (personally) pretty pleased with the overall execution. And we learned a LOT about what "Internet distribution of episodic fiction/missions" means. The future bodes well ;)

And on the behalf of OSI and the Maverick/SO team I'd like to give Chris, Ben (and the rest of the CIC staff: Brandon, Barrie, Evan, Kevin, Edward... did I miss anyone?) a big round of applause for not only providing a super site dedicated to WC in general, but in 'keeping up with us' and providing timely news about Secret Ops as well. As anyone with their own website can tell you, it's a big (fulltime) job keeping info current. Well Done guys.. and again, Thanks!

You Know You Want This Update ID

Since before time began man has demanded 'I want to use the Dragon with the Vision engine'. HCl has made it possible. Grab his Dragon patch here. You've seen the screenshot, now fly the fighter...

Parlez Vous Secret Ops? Update ID

One more update before dinner... alert reader Overlord writes to inform us that the French magazine Joystick contains a copy of the Secret Ops starter pack this month. If you're in France, grab a copy! It's what I'd be doing if I still lived there...

A Simulating Experience Update ID

Well, Locke has released yet another cool patch... but can you think of a day of the week when that doesn't happen? The following two patches are updates to his Secret Ops Mission Simulator, for people who have complained about it replacing the killboard. This one changes the simulator so it replaces the 'exit' door, while this one replaces the strange easter egg. Choose wisely.

Return of the CD Mission Update ID

I'm proud to announce that the campaign to get a Wing Commander music CD is back! Go support this particularly worthy cause here.

More German Secret Ops Update ID

Another German magazine, PC Games, is currently available with a copy of the Secret Ops starter kit on its CD. Grab a copy... if you're in Germany. The first American SO CD's should appear later this month.

Help Us Help You Update ID

A request to any of our European readers -- the German version of PC Games is apparently running an article about the Wing Commander Movie. If any one out there could find the time to either scan the article or send us a translated copy, both the CIC and Wing Commander fans everywhere would be most greatfull.

Squishing Rumors Update ID

Just a quick note, the below image is NOT the Wing Commander Movie official poster! It apparently recently appeared in a German magazine called Gamestar (what is it with German magazines this week?) and on the uber-cool Dark Horizons movie site. If you'll check the CIC September Archive you'll find that we posted it then... it's a fairly cool bit of fan artwork. If you're from Gamestar, shame on you...

ARGH!!! Update ID

I swear, it IS German magazine week... whilst trying to find an URL for Gamestar for the below update I've learned that their current issue ALSO contains the Secret Ops starter. Go figure.

Locanda's Always Been Highly CONTESTed Update ID

Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for... the CIC's Ultimate Trivia Contest! Go hither to enter the contest and find out about it's incredible prizes... I'll let the site speak for itself. Jump! Jump now!

New Movie Shots! Update ID

Johannes Schüring, who was kind enough to respond to our request for a copy of the German Wing Commander Movie Article, also sent a whole load of new screenshots! These are from a magazine called Der Stern, and are apparently several months old... they're new to us, though! There are some really cool shots of the Kilrathi, check it out...

The PC Games Article! Update ID

The below screenshot is the PC Games article mentioned earlier today, which was very kindly provided by Johannes Schüring! On a personal note, I'd like to say that the fact that in only a few hours someone had already scanned the article for us really speaks volumes about how great the Wing Commander fan community is. You guys are the best! Now, if somebody could just translate it from German...

Talos Station Art! Update ID

Wing Commander fan Magno sent me this bit of fan art he created the other day... I'm usually not much of a fan of fan art (that didn't sound right), but this is pretty dashed cool. I'm just sorry I didn't post it earlier...

Dragon His Heels Update ID

Wow, it's both graphics AND German magazine day here at the CIC... what's next? ANOTHER cool ship by HCl. Recent survey's show that this fighter is the most popular Wing Commander ship... check out the Dragon in the vision engine.

The Lost Years Update ID

No, it's not you. Wonder why all the Secret Ops people keep thinking that you should have read an ICIS document on the SS Blue Horizon? Yeah, so did we... so we went straight to the source. By which I mean we made something up: Apparently this fairly important ICIS document was never put up with the rest of the fiction, even through Captain Enoch and company mention it several times. Check out The Lost SO Fiction here! Thanks to The Amazing Captain Johnny for giving us a copy when it wasn't posted.

And So It Ends Update ID

To all good things there must come an end... I can't help but shed a tear as I announce that the final Secret Ops fiction has been posted. It's s fairly emotional log entry from everybody's second favorite Casey, check it out.

Reaping the Benefits Update ID

Boomer is back, at alt.games.wing-commander! He posted some very encouraging stuff about the new Maverick team executive producer Andy Hollis... it's in response to Derek Smart, whom we firmly believe should have been beaten by the Coke machine. Anyway, Boomer's comments seem to echo what we've been hearing everywhere -- a little Hollis is a very good thing.
Just because Andy is known for producing high fidelity flight sims for Janes doesn't mean that equates to WC suddenly turning into a high fidelity space sim.

This isn't to say future titles from the Maverick team won't have his 'mark' on them (superb quality, well designed, etc.). Just that WC will have certain (positive) attributes resulting from Andy's influence just as Janes does. Said another way, WC won't (necessarily) possess the same hallmarks of what makes a 'Janes flight simulation' what it is.

That said, given his track record & accomplishments wrt Janes, I'm 110% confident Andy's influence means only great things for the future of the WC universe ;)

Icing on the ICIS Update ID

We're through the looking glass here, people... check out SecretOps.com for the latest fiction installment, an ICIS transcript about alien intent.

Duck and Cover! Update ID

Wow... three little letters that do little to describe how excited I am about this update. Brace yourselves! Baen has released the cover art to the upcoming False Colors! Click below to see the excellent image, Excalibur and all. Never again will we complain that they just use stock art for WC book covers... False Colors is due to be released January 1999, and has a cover price of $6.99. ISBN # 0-671-57784-0.

You Either Love It Or You Hate It Update ID

Someone who has been performing more than his fair share of miracles lately is HCl, who has once again used his magical 3D model converter to create a WCP/SO version of the light attack fighter from WC2, the Epee! Download it here and follow the instructions in the ZIP file.

Secret Ops Rapier? Update ID

Just when you thought that HCl has kicked enough ass to blow up the Midway, he does it again... this time releasing a Vision (WCP/SO) engine conversion of the Rapier fighter from WC1/2! Download the model here.

Sirius or Krieger? Update ID

The Secret Ops episode 6 download is up! Weighing in at just under a meg, there are be more than enough missions to keep you going until the grand finale next week. Don't forget you may not be able to see the download link if you run at less than 800x600 resolution.

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