Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack


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@marco999 - So I did a clean install using the GOG version of WCP as well as a reinstall of the MUP pack using the link provided. I was able to install and run everything fine. I did not get the CD error. The Prophecy EXE shows as last updated 4/1/2017. So it is the correct version.

Can you please walk me through the steps you did just so I can see if there's anything in there?


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Hi DefianceIndustries,

I have tried again and now work normally.

But there is a problem If I copy the folder "movie" now don't play the videos in mp4 (now play only audio).

In my previous installation "OpenGL-WCP_setup.exe" I could play the hi-res video, but now it not possible.

I have copied my previous wcp installation to another folder with the some result.

After install and unistall the result not change.

Do you known how is possible solve ?

Do you known if your setup save something in registry/system32 or another folder external to my ?

Thanks !
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I'm not sure if the gog version loads HCl's dll. Try this, there should be a wcpunl.ini file, edit it, there should be a [CustomDlls] section. Make sure the first line under it is: File1=wcphr.dll and see if this helps.

You'll need the wcphr.dll in the wcp directory, ofc!


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Hi gr1mre4per,

I have updated the file: "wcpunl.ini"


my file "wcphr.dll" is 2011.

The result don't change.

In the meantime do you have the source code of your mod "OpenGL-WCP_setup.exe" ?

Thanks !


The only fix I was looking into is the dll I already posted in your other thread.
If you aren't seeing/hearing movies at all it sounds like a codec issue.


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Hi Pedro,

I have already copied the updated dll "gl_00007" you have sent me with some result.

Work only the audio but the screen is black (I see only the subtitles).

I don't sure if is a system codec issue, becouse I can play all of these videos with many players, but not with WCP.

My impression is that the installer "OpenGL-WCP_setup.exe" do something externally and not only write inside the folder.

Do you have the files inside "OpenGL-WCP_setup.exe" ? I like to see in deep what happen when I launch this setup.

Thanks !


Most players these days aren’t dependent on an external codec pack, I’d still try installing something like k-lite.

To the best of my knowledge everything the patch adds is in the game folder. @PopsiclePete put the installer together, he’d know for certain