Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack


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No dice. Also what do you mean fix the aspect ratio of the menus? They are 4:3 assets, the OpenGL patch intentionally adjusts them to stay at 4:3 to avoid them looking squished.
It sounds like, if it was working, it would make the gameplay and menus 16:9 by *breaking* the aspect ratio
If I play these HD movie externally (VLC or any other players) in full screen I see perfectly these videos without black bars and without any breaking.

This becouse these videos are in 1920x1080.

And the some for this video youtube:

where I don't see any problems in FullHD without blackbars.

This patch Allow to see the videos in the some conditions nothing more nothing less.

However to see the result just copy the files and see what happen.

Personally I found it usuful, but my is only a opinion ...
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This patch Allow to see the videos in the some conditions nothing more nothing less.

However to see the result just copy the files and see what happen.

Personally I found it usuful, but my is only a opinion ...

I think I understand now; your readme file threw me.
So this should fix the aspect ratio of the movies, so that it's correct like the menus and gameplay?

I wish I could get it to work :(


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Yes, the patch change the resolution before play the video and after restore it when the video is finished, not more.

but unfortunatenly there is the subtitle issue (the text is sometimes cutted), but the problem there is with or without my patch.

Hope is possible solve it, I'have not sufficient experience to do it.


you can set the window to be full screen in the options menu.
On one of the posts there’s a new dll for the movie issues so long as the options are set to full screen and your native resolution. The dvd patch is very picky so trying to do any kind of override would break the movie playback.
hmmmmmm, I'm having trouble finding the updated dll...can anyone point me towards it?


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I don't known this updated dll but I have solved the some problem in this way:

If you do not see the mp4 videos in the movies folder, but hear the voices proceed as follows:

Go to the log on this entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Direct3D \ Shims \ EnableOverlays \

if there is a key like:

G: \Games\Wing Commander Prophecy\ prophecy.exe

delete it.

Bebore proceed I suggest to do a backup of this key.


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I have installed MUP as recommended here (in order to geht MUP + upscaled and enhanced videos work ingame):
But the wcpunl.ini still isn't present in the game directory. What did I wrong?
Not certain, it should have installed. However wcpunl.ini is a simple text file that gets created the first time you run the MUP. If it didn't create it for some reason, you can create one using notepad (just save it as wcpunl.cfg and add the following lines):



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Hey all - It's been a while, but the recent activity on this thread has nudged us to moving forward with version 1 release of the MUP. Right now I'm in the process of cleaning up the Beta files - there are a number of recent bugs to fix as well. However the new release will have the following new features:

  1. The long-awaited HD video fix incorporated into the DLLs so the MUP will play nice with @ODVS HD packs.
  2. Quality of life improvements for collision spheres on asteroids.
  3. Implementation of normal mapping on Confed ships (Bugs don't really need it)
  4. Fixing the panther texture issue in the install
  5. Cerberus V2
  6. Twilite Purchase
  7. Thunderbolt VII V2
Aside from that there are still some outstanding Nephilim models, notably the CommFac and the Tiamat. I will get to those if possible. No solid ETA yet but I wouldn't expect too long a wait on it. I'll update this thread once we have a date for the release.



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Does any chances exist for availability of MUP 1.0 release (or at least fresh beta) before Xmas?
hrrrmmmm, maybe? Most of my time is devoted to the WC4 remaster right now, if I can find some time I would certainly do something. But I also have to track down a few other dev team members.


Hi guys, and thank you for your work!


Any ideas how to fix this? In all the videos I have this big black bar and I lose the top of the image.

GOG version + enhancement pack + OpenGLTestMUP + HD pack (movies), last K-Lite codec pack, 1920x1080, GTX1080, Windows 11.