1. W

    High resolution image showing the TCS Midway

    Once, I had an image from the Midway acompanied by some fighters. And I had it in high resolution (file size of about 20 MB). Unfortunatly I lost the image file. (Onle a version in low resolution is left.) Furthermore I don't remember where I once found the image on the internet. Is some of you...
  2. Knight26-77

    Wing Commander Prophecy 3D Printed Goodness.

    @DefianceIndustries gave me permission to print to do some test prints of a couple of his WCP Model upgrades designs. We have started with the Piranha and the Midway. DI warned that they were but under-detailed, but I decided to give it a try anyway. We'll start with the Midway. Flying...
  3. G

    Wing Commander Prophecy Win 95 on Windows 7

    Dear forum, is there a way to install and play WC Prophecy (win95) on windows 7? I get several error messages on start installing. thanks a lot!
  4. G

    Prophecy Model Pack

    Hi All, I've extracted all of the models from WCP/SO and saved them as OBJ format, with materials. This includes: All Levels of Detail (up to 4 per model) All unused models, including 'Callisto Cruiser' Terrain Planet Moon Multiplayer power up icons WC4 Vindicator Devereaux research vessel...
  5. R

    WCP Fatal Error: Exceeded max number of entries (44)

    Hey, I recently bought the GOG-Edition of Wing Commander: Prophecy and sometimes I get this error mid-play. Now I've read that there is a way to increase the max number, but I don't know how. Can anybody help me please?
  6. G

    Wing Commander Prophecy: Unlimited

    Hi All, As you may have seen in @DefianceIndustries WCP:MUP thread I have been working on extending or removing some of the upper limits in the Vision engine. It all started when I seen that DefianceIndustries was working on high definition models and slicing them in to parts to stay within...
  7. DefianceIndustries

    Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

    Hi All, I'm separating the work I'm doing on the WCP:SO HD Model pack to this thread from my other eye-candy thread and associated HW mod project work to keep things from getting muddled. My goal is to post regular updates to this thread on my progress as well as to take requests and feedback...
  8. Kevin Caccamo

    Wing Commander Prophecy OEM

    WC Prophecy OEM was the first Wing Commander game I've ever played.. It came in a pack of games and 3D demos that were included with the Real 3D Starfighter AGP video card drivers. It was my favourite game out of the games in the pack. Unfortunately, though, the CD that I have for WCP OEM is...
  9. Kevin Caccamo

    Wing Blender (WCP/SO Blender plugin)

    I've created an import/export script for Blender (v2.65+) that can import and export VISION engine IFF 3D models. You can get it on GitHub here: Most models from WC:SO mods are supported, as well as some models from the original game. Installation...