WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

Hello all fans of the WC4 HW2 mod! i am sorry for not responding to many people who have praised and supported as well as added valuable feedback about the mod. I do feel sad that i have lost touch with this project over the last 6 months and i am sure many must be cursing me for having shelved it for so long, but rest assured this is only temporary. Some work has already been done several months ago towards incorporating the Kilrathi and a alternate version of confed ships with WC3 markings/colours. But I have genuinely been very busy at work and not been able to follow up with the mod much. I hope to pick up the reigns again in august, i am also dwelling over another entirely new fan project, this time using the star trek legacy engine for WC ships. This engine has more scope than the HW2 engine for ship details and such, plus the gameplay would be interesting. But for now i ask for your patience and thank you all for your support. I will let everyone know the instant i am fully back on the mod.
- Aaron

also on a side note, jump buoys will be available in the next release ;) as well as many of the bug fixes people have pointed out here.
yay! Also Instead of Legacy You could join forces with us on Sins of Solar Empire, but thats for You to decide. Good to hear from You!
hey czacen nice to hear from you, well Startrek lagacy haves more potential but i like hw2 better more RTs like :p

but the scope for hw2 haves been raised alot Cnlpepper found a way to create next gen textures and bump maps in hw2. also lighting effects. for the mods that are under develpment they are talking about pretty high specs to run all the new Gfx. maybe you should check out the new develpments.

Wel nice to see you are still thinking of finishing this mod :)
czacen, thank you so much for replying in this thread. I think we all understand that life gets in the way of fun projects like this.

I can safely say that yours is one of the most look-forward-to mods for WC in a long time, and I await its completion on pins and needles!
hey czacen nice to hear from you, well Startrek lagacy haves more potential but i like hw2 better more RTs like :p

Yeah, I wonder if Legacy was that popular on the PC. For something like this, the number of people who'd be able to play is a consideration. But since you seem to be able to work so quickly when you set your mind to it (and time allows), if you think you can do both, that's even better.
avathar raises a fair point - the fact that it has cloak and high firepower aside, the Dragon takes very little effort to take down. Bearcats and Thunderbolts seem to last a lot longer.

I know this is an old post, but it is indeed a little problem (Isn't the Dragon//Lance a superfighter), but I think I know why this überplane is easier to take down than a Bearcat.
I did the same thing as I told you before, czacen, and I think the problem is that the Dragon belongs to the corvette class, and so the modifiers applied to weapons mean that the Dragon will have a clear disadvantage when facing enemy fire (I found out that a tachyon gun is 2.2 times more precise on a Dragon than on a Excalibur or a Bearcat). So I think moving the Dragon to Fighters could eliminate this problem, but of course it would cause Black Lance to get those fighter tooooo soon. That could come with a specific research triggered by the corvette building facility, or I may have another solution :
The Dragon stays a corvette, but gets its armour boosted to compensate the precision disadvantage, and then we go back to our "Tolwyn found the cheatcode" fighter ^^.

By the way, thanks for this great mod.
Thanks czacen for a great mod. A lot of us who have done projects for Wing Commander from games to fiction to models know what it's like to experience burn-out. What most of us don't know is what it's like to have so many people who have enjoyed our project. Of course a lot of us would like adding the WC3 Era Kilrathi to battle with Confed, but sometimes you have to follow your inspiration and we look forward with anticipation to what you're envisioning.

Unfortunately I may not end up playing a Star Trek mod since I don't plan on buying that game, but it seems like a lot of people are Trek fans on here. Have you thought about making a Secret Ops mod like the Unknown Enemy or Standoff teams did? That would probably have the widest audience and those guys might be willing to pass on their hard earned knowledge in the interest of creating a great game.
Unfortunately I may not end up playing a Star Trek mod since I don't plan on buying that game, but it seems like a lot of people are Trek fans on here.

I know quite a few people here got Legacy, but just about all of them did so on the 360.
It has been very exciting to hear so many warm responses to the mod even though people have had no updates for quite some time now. I think this has been just the kick i needed to get back onto the MOD. So without further delay i present to you the new and revised HW2 Concordia class

Please note these are just teaser shots of work in progress.

After I played the MOD the other day, after almost 6 months it pissed me off how shabby the ships looked. To me Wing Commander was always a game that broke ground, and a very important part of that was the graphics. With the HW2 engine being beefed up like avathar mentioned, i thought id take a whack at some high-res stuff in game. There is still a good 12-14 Hrs of work left, but i plan to tackle Capships on a Week to Week plan. Each week a new ship, new textures, more detailed, better lighting and more accuracy to Wing Commander. No more shabby HW2 texture rip offs :).

stay tuned for more images as they are ready. Feedback is welcome, but please remember these are WIP shots only. Thanks again for all your support.
- Aaron
Thats looking great. It looks like you removed the interior glow effect for the landing strip as well. Can't wait to give it a test run. :D

After I played the MOD the other day, after almost 6 months it pissed me off how shabby the ships looked.

Shabby? :eek: I always saw the models/textures you put out to be incredible! Especially for how fast you seem to churn them out. :)

Keep up the great work and glad to have you back!
Nice work on the carrier interior - the Hellcat was a nice touch.

Will we be able to see clear through the landing bay or will there still be the "interior glow" to a certain extent?
well it is now officially 12 to 14 hrs later and while the Concordia Class is complete, her subsystems are not. the bridge and main engine block are still grayed-out, and the turrets are going to be completely redone, the rest is running smooth. Hi lehah, It's nice to be back on the mod :) I've been lazying around these forums for far too long. The carrier will be hollow, like in the pictures below and the hellcat and thunderbolts will add to the detail only once you build medium fighter bays and heavy fighter bays respectively. This way you can visually tell the carrier's threat level. I will revisit the main hull texture once i fully understand the new 2.0 Shaders that are being incorporated into HW2 by the guys on the relic forums.

Thanks dumpshock, its nice to be back :D

Simply amazing. Really.

The carrier already looks great, even unfinished, and you intend to improve it further. O_O That's some awesome work, and I'm (again) going to check this topic on a daily basis.
turrets done, and blasting away! just the two subs left. should be done by today. ill post more pix when done

Words fail me. Your ability to create not only great but beautiful looking mods is beyond my capacity to explain. Can't wait to see what will do in the future.

Question - now that we can see clear through a carrier, when a fighter reaches the launch bay to land, does it disappear or fade away or... what?
Thanks lehah, the ship is looking much better than before. i would still like to beef up the hull texture but that might be a performance killer. Right now the ship works kind of sluggish on my older computer (8 yrs old). But on my newer machine this level of detail is not a concern at all. Ive performance tested 10 of these ships with high detail on screen in real time and the difference in performance between my two machines wasn't too alarming.

Now that the hull is hollow i had tried several ways to land the fighters. My initial attempt to make them taxi in and out of the side bays didn't work out too well. they kept flying through the walls and sliding all over the deck. Didn't look very nice. The way it works now is that they land on deck near the side bays and disappear. Then reappear in almost the same location when taking off. With some stretch of imagination it looks quite nice, however i don't think the HW2 developers ever planned for such a scenario. Its fun though - i just keep landing the fighters and watch them take off over and over again :D

as for progress update, the engine is done. apart for some work on the low res LOD models the new cordia is done. :)