WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

i am drawing a wing commander ship, it it is not from price of freedom it is from heart of the tiger. but if he makes a multi wing commander mod that blends all together it will be perfect.

I believe he's working on one mod at a time. Please mention this to him when he's finished this project first.

by the way when the update is posted where can i download it?

I'm sure the places it will be made available will be mentioned in this thread.
I just found some screenshots of this mod on my HD and thought I check for updates on this project.
But it seams there aren't any or did I missed something?
I don't think so yet, we can only hope that Czacen has just gotten bogged down by work and will eventually return.

Has anyone e-mailed him or been in other contact?
Hi everybody. Sorry to have been away from the forums so long. Its been very very hectic and ive barely had time to work on the mod over the past few months. However i thankyou for your patience and after one year in development i am proud to announce that the fully functioning beta is READY!!!! :D

download, follow the straight forward instructions and ENJOY!


Please note this is a complete new release, with AI and all 3 races and icons and various balancing fixes and bug fixes. Please delete the older version before proceeding to play this or they might clash. There is NO installer this time. I am not including release notes. There is a simple readme file. anyone with questions please post here. Please READ the Readme before posting.

once again thanks for all your support. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! :)
I think i should just mention a few things that are not still functioning in this version so that ppl know there is still work on the mod underway.

1) Audio is not completely WC4 Audio. It is still partially HW2 Audio.

2) The AI is 'piggybacked' on the existing HW2 AI so i reccomend playing the game against the computer with Highest Difficulty for best experience

3) Single Player does not work AT ALL. In trying to do so you will crash HW2 by getting stuck at the first stage.

4) WC4 interface only works at 1280x1024 resoultion

5) Jump Buoy's not implemented as yet. AI does not recognise the use of the buoys so for the time being they have been removed.

6) Resource Collectors still are the ones from HW2

7) In the build menu for Black Lance the starbase is labeled as Science Lab. This is because the starbase facility will be later replaced with the science lab that we see in the original WC4 to stick to better realism. For the time being the starbase model is being used.

8) Unit caps are only configured for play with the pop-cap setting as high in the initial battle setup screen. If not set to this then various fighters will not be build able.

Other than this i look forward to any balancing issues or gameplay bugs ppl find with this new release so that i can fix them in the next version. Hope all enjoy the new version :D
Great mod, I love it! Amazing work! :D

I can't figure out how to raise the pop cap for the Dragon, Excalibur etc enough to actually deploy them, though... :confused:
Dyret im confused, what did you mean by raise pop cap? you need the respective subsystems/research to be built before you can deploy specific space craft. just read the descriptions of each vessel in the build menu thru the rollover pop-ups and it will tell you what subsystems or research is required to unlock a specific vessel. Hope that helps. However the build limit of the excal and dragons and bombers are limited so as to keep a level of game balance.
Same problem here cant build Dragon or Excalibur says im at max cap. Did have a second look no research only says you need heavy fighter module, but I allredy have it. Question whats the point of the Science Lab since it has 0 research?

PS. Vesuvius was awesome, it certainly puts fear of god into opposing force. Suffice to say Interpids luck ran out this time.
Hmm... The cap is set to zero on my computer... maybe I have to patch homeworld 2 to make it work properly? I'm not sure if I have the most current version installed.
are you guys playing with your cap limit set High? before the game starts at the PlayervsCpu menu choose pop cap as high and then try. It should work with this setting.

the science lab is not to provide research. It just is a shipyard equivalent for Black Lance. It will play the same role as BW outpost and Confed Starbase.
Not sure if you knew about this, and I know the AI is still in Beta, but just to get it out there, the AI is still using Homeworld Hyperspace.

Great Job on the Mod! Great to see it still coming along!


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Okay, I'm going to check in with my earliest findings. I played only one game with the new mod - Black Lance versus two CPUs on Easy (one of each faction), so all these things I point out are bugs from only one run through. Don't take them as concrete criticism. I also played this on the highest resolution because, well, I forgot to turn it down before starting the mod.

Also, keep in mind its been ages since I got this $%*$*^^%**%^ing game to work on my computer, since HW2 is a bitch with the copy-protection it has.

* Right off the bat - I noticed that the BL didn't have my "Flag" (you know, the icon you choose) nor the color scheme I picked. This could be because of the resolution I played it at though.

* Most of the time, the "voices" were still the ones from HW2. I assume this is going to be fixed in future releases, and as time goes on though.

* The cloaking effect (that is, the visual part of it) doesn't always work with the Dragons. Generally, what happens is The first two to the left cloak, the third one blinks and the one on the right remains uncloaked.

* As nice as the science station model is, whats the point to it? I had hoped that it would allow for some specific research advances like the flashpak or bioweapons (especially the later, considering the station's description). You also might want to remove the Confed Star from the actual model (is it on there for the UBW variation?)

* While it could be because I didnt set the game at the right resolution, you might want to put in the hotkeys for things like making jump buoys in the README file.
lehah most of the points you've pointed out are mentioned in post number #887 (on this page) by me. however i cant seem to replicate the problem you are having with cloak. it could be a re-draw issue with the graphics card. Keep in mind though that if cloaked ships are kept on aggressive stance (shortcut F4) then they will decloak automatically when enemy vessels come into range and will openfire.

Also Badges will not be implemented at this point. It was my mistake to not implement it from the get go, and now enabling it will me re-modeling all the ships in 3D again. Its probably not going to happen, though it really would have been a nice feature for squadron or fleet badges under each faction.

hope the mod plays well otherwise. anyone having issues with balancing?
Congratulations on this beautiful mod. Well done! The visuals and the sounds are very polished, and the previous video previews definitely don't do it enough justice.

Just some quick notes and two requests:

The mod installs and runs fine as per the readme file. I've also managed to use the command line switches to use a custom resolution for my wide screen monitor.

I've "played" several games with one Expert AI from each faction, and scuttling myself from the beginning. The Black Lance faction seems to be the weakest, given the current AI used. Perhaps it can be tweaked?

The Border Worlds faction seems to be the strongest in the long run once resources are depleted on the map.

Can the carrier AI be changed so that it is somewhat mobile and deployed as part of a strike group? Currently they look like a vertical stack of fighter factories ;-)

Also, could you please publish the official tech tree for all three factions? This way we can help check for any consistency problems.

Thanks again!
The mod is looking great so far, though something about the Black Lance feels a little off. Can't place my finger on what though.

The AI doesn't seem to utilize carriers, instead builds a bunch of them and stacks them on top of each other.

I'll play some more rounds and see if I can find anything else.
Played another game against the AI. The game is still cheap as all hell when it comes to spawning capital ships out of thin air.

In any case, I noticed a weird problem. I was on one of the more "2D" maps, but noticed that moving my ships sometimes lead them to go on the third axis - that is, I'd try to send them across the map and instead they'd go way way up or way way down.

After the first time this happened, I caught on and made the proper corrections, but its something to look out for.

Also - the AI has a habit of jumping the mothership/base while its under attack. I dont mean once or twice - but sometimes 4 or 5 times and never very far; all I have to do is turn around and there it is. I don't know anything about AI so I dont know if this can be fixed.

Finally - while you removed the whole jump buoy thing because of the AI - did you have to remove jumping altogether? It really slows down the game when you have to build a Fleet Carrier to send out X distance to make sure you have your ass covered.
I think Vesuvius should be rather built from current science base or atleast it should be able to build capital ships. And yes without jump buoys the cap ships move slowly, Vesuvius being the exception, liking it every time I play with BL. Its not quite overkill I had few games that both Confed and UBW took it down to 95% but by that time their fleet was reduced to wrecks. Bearcats I found out are rather good vs both confed and UBW top fighters. I guess that is evened out by fact taht BL cap ships cant go toe to toe with Confed or UBW without good fighter cover, in cap ship fight they usually lose.
wow nice to thnx for the beta czacen, well next to the things metioned here. i think the BL carrier is to weak two succesful bomber runs at them and its down. i also think that the dragon fighter is to weak as it should be THE super fighter out there i say the bearcat is beter. maybe some balancing points.

Now i hope that the cats will make a appearence in the next release :D