WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

Can you do a mission like the Outran Ella? Just a dash from point A to point B trying to stay alive while being hammered by a massive enemy attacks?
That'd be more of a campaign mission than a skirmish. And thus a bit harder to script. It should be possible though.
Have seen the Star Wars mod for HW2? It's got this game mode where you get a bunch of RU and just hyperspace units in. That means no production times, but the AI had this annoying glitch where it would just bring a dozen of the biggest ships... If that was worked out it might work really well for this mod.
BTW your work is one of the reasons I picked up HW2 to begin with.
We're working on a new gamemode for the B5 mod. It's area capture. This way you could start off with a single carrier and the fighters it could build and then if you capture specific points of the map, you get access to calling in capital ships via jumppoint.

It'd be fun to implement in the mod.
Incidentally, I just remembered. The original HW2 backgrounds are lighted to tone down specular reflections, so when you use the backgrounds included in the B5 mod at the same time as the new shaders, you get some spectacular results compared to just running it on the original maps.
I see the new improve ments looks good right down to a runway and storage drums.
when will the new redo come out I love to see it in action?

by the way will the redo have jump nodes and ability's like the verry first?
like the confed marine shuttle docking with confed ships and stations?
by the way will the redo have jump nodes and ability's like the verry first? like the confed marine shuttle docking with confed ships and stations?

The confed marine shuttle is a re-textured ship that already existed in the game. Its a beautiful model, but I don't think czacen had to change much, if anything, to get it to work in-game.

The jump nodes, however, I don't know if they ever got working.
I saw the tallahassee on the CIC front page. It's looking nice as it it, but I'd love to see it with the new shaders. They really aren't that hard to use. If you want to start preparing for it while upgrading the ships, try to avoid baking shadows onto the textures, since the new shaders do that for you.
With that sudden spur of inspiration you often fall under when there's something else you're really supposed to be doing, I integrated the released version of the WC mod with the new gametype and shaders from the B5 mod I'm part of.

I'm attaching a few screenshots to show you how nice even these simple models look with the new shaders. Throw in some nice specular maps and bumpmaps, and this mod could rival current games for graphics quality.


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I integrated the released version of the WC mod with the new gametype and shaders from the B5 mod I'm part of.

I don't know how these community things work - but are the things you used in those pictures considered freeware/shareware? I know "fan developers" get a little angry when things they made are used without permission or credit.

Is it difficult to add these shaders? Do they take a high-end machine to run? Are they a seperate patch? How does this work?

Still - those pictures are *beautiful*. Please post more if you can.
The new shaders are released free for use for any HW2 mod that wants to use them by CnlPepper. It's always a good idea to credit him for it when you use them, of course. ;)

The area capture gametype, I'm not entirely sure about. As it is, it's pretty integrated with Babylon 5 with separate switches to allow spawning the Babylon 5 station, and switches to turn on specific research options you can't get otherwise in that mod. It would require a minor rewrite to get the full potential out of Wing Commander with it, but that's not hard at all. I've already done most of it in the version I've integrated with WC.

As for the background and the map, I made them myself, so I can do with them what I want. :p Especially if I don't release what I make.

The most up to date version of the shaders can always be found in the SVN download of the B5 mod. The shaders themselves are simply a bunch of text files in a folder named Shaders. Just place them in the data folder of HW2 and add the switch -overrideBigFile to the game shortcut if the mod doesn't do that already.

The shaders require that you have a graphics card capable of Shader Model 2.0 to run.
Got bored now that I've finally turned in my exam paper, so I decided to teach myself modelling.

I noticed that the model for one of my favorite fighters in Wing Commander was horribly inaccurate, contained mesh errors and was UV'ed weirdly.

This means that it makes an obvious choice for my first real attempt at 3d modelling. Got the front half done so far.


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Those screenies do look mighty promising. A bunch of higher-res models and textures combined with those shaders could look as good as current games.
Still need to do the engine intakes and wing guns. The rest is done. And btw, something must be seriously wrong with the current mod Excalibur, since according to my modelling program, it's over 1000 polys and mine is only ~660, even though mine is more detailed.


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Tonviper - kindly start your own thread about renderings. This thread is for the Homeworld 2 mod
I know. That's why I'm posting it here. I'm planning on putting it in my version of the mod. And if it's wanted, you can use it in the release version too. If you still want me to start a new thread about it, I will, but I'm just trying to keep the thread alive until we hear from czacen.