WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)


Vice Admiral
So, I... kinda, sorta... bought myself a wonderful planetarium software that allows the simulation of most of the known universe. It also allows the creation of skyboxes of very, very high resolution. Therefore, this:

Oh, and guess what, it came with a professional licence that allows me to distribute the skyboxes for anything, even commercial projects. It goes without saying that Wingnuts and their fan-projects will be welcome if they need such tools to make their projects look even greater!

I've still got to finish working on the process to get the maps perfected, but this will be really useful to set up battles in more iconic places, possibly to recreate Kilrah and other battlefields. Or some more peaceful places to patrol.

So, people, if you have a project that needs skyboxes, gimme a call and I'll see what I can do.